Turkey Day Open Thread

Filed in National by on November 23, 2017

There’s something remarkable about that bird you’re going to eat today — it’s twice the weight of its ancestors of 50 years ago. Turkeys in 1960 averaged just over 16 pounds at slaughter. Today’s average 31 pounds. It’s the result of genetic engineering, but not the laboratory kind. It’s simple animal husbandry, the sort of careful breeding that has given us low-fat pork as well. Hope that doesn’t put you off your feed.

Remember that island in the Caribbean inhabited by 3.5 million Americans that was devastated by Hurricane Maria? The failure of the federal government to mount a proper response might not be just another example of Trump incompetence. It might just be that this is how we do ethnic cleansing here in the West, as a route to gentrification of the island so the super-rich can recreate Batista-era Cuba.

Here’s a cheerful story about a 17-year-old kid who won the halftime contest at the 76ers game Saturday. He had to hit a layup, a foul shot, a three-pointer and a half-court shot, all within 45 seconds. He hit the trey with just 5 seconds to go, then nailed the half-court shot on his first try. Pandemonium ensued, and the video of the unlikely sharpshooter, a chubby youngster with what we’ll call a non-athletic build, went viral. Then the team found out young Mike Shelly of Newtown Square is a cancer survivor who lost his older brother in a car accident recently, so they tossed in something extra. Naturally, having been trained in cynical skepticism, my question is — that’s it? Everybody gets a biscuit, and that’s all whoever beats the challenge gets too? I thought this team was owned by a billionaire.

It’s a light news menu because there’s such a big dinner menu, and I have green beans and brussels sprouts to prep. Eat well, my friends, and don’t forget to nap.

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  1. meatball says:

    I really miss the old fat lard pig. Now you have to pay a premium for hairy (Mangalista) or Berkshires.

  2. Doc says:

    Very nice post!