Now I’m (not) banned at BlueDelaware

Filed in National by on November 17, 2017

Correction. I’m not banned. I’m still an arch defender of sexual harassment I guess though.

All I said was:

So… if you liked Bernie you were a purist who was trying to ruin the party – and if you like Franken you are an unprincipled, party hack, sellout. Got it! I guess being a purist is coming into style.

Delaware Dem. replied:

And the only thing a piece of shit like you is pragmatic or practical on is defending sexual harassers. Got it. Go fuck yourself Jason.

Then I said:

“Fair enough. In turn, You’ve got such a finely tuned hypocrisy detector – why don’t you point it at yourself sometime?”

He also called me a defender of sexual harassment on twitter. This obvious straw man means his “argument” or whatever you want to call it has jumped the shark.

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  1. Alby says:

    If they didn’t have thin skins they wouldn’t have left in the first place.

    It’s a matter of what you’re a purist about. We’re purists about who you take money from. They’re purists about privileging the opinion of anyone who isn’t a white man over those of white men, because social justice or something.

    Other than journalists, you know who’s making the most noise about demanding Franken’s resignation? A couple of female politicians in Minnesota. I’m sure their motives are as pure as the Minnesota slush.

  2. jason330 says:

    I suspect, in time, JasonM will come around to the truth about this as he did on Clinton’s lousy campaign.

  3. Alby says:

    To them, this is a test of their purity. Of course it’s difficult for them to view it dispassionately. As always with zealots, they’ll even say that being dispassionate about it is monstrous.

    They’re children.

    As to argument, they have none, or at least none they’ve thought out. The only argument I’ve seen SJWs make is that if Franken doesn’t resign, then no Democrat has “credibility” on this issue — as if Democratic credibility on the issue matters to anyone but the Democrats themselves.

    It’s important because when they argue with conservatives, they can’t just say we have better policies. They have to be able to say we’re better people.

  4. Alby says:

    Just to be clear, the above comment was about social liberals in general, not those at BD in particular.

    It’s their house. If they want to throw you out of it, they have every right to.

  5. jason330 says:

    I should note that it is only DelawareDem who rashly wants to sing along with Bannon’s hymnal.

  6. Ben says:

    They are still VERY salty that Clinton fucked up the election. I t was fun watching their heads explode of Donna Brazile confirm what everyone knew about the Clinton Cartel.

    Alby, our better politics make us better people.

  7. Ben says:

    As far as frankin goes, he is running out of time to resign and put a nice, clean ending on this.
    Americans are too fucking dumb to understand the nuance of a probably decent guy seriously messing up a couple times, and a serial predator . It’s the American voting public that are idiot children.
    Cut the proverbial throat quickly and dump him. Otherwise, he becomes an attack ad. But whatever they do, do it quick, exhaust the attention span and wait for 45 to say something horrible.
    The one thing you can always count on with dumpy, is that he’ll take the headlines back with some dumb nonsense.

  8. Alby says:

    “Alby, our better politics make us better people.”

    To quote Yoda, that is why you fail. No, they don’t. The only person who thinks that is you. It’s your own self-image you’re defending, nothing more. How you behave, not whom you condemn, determines where you fall on the morality scale. Acts, not words.

    “Otherwise, he becomes an attack ad.”

    So what? Nobody will ever be clean enough to not be the subject of attack ads. If they are, they just make something up. Stop being a reactor. The people of Minnesota will either vote for him or they won’t, but if Democratic women stay home because of this, they’ll get what they paid for.

    “Americans are too fucking dumb to understand the nuance of a probably decent guy seriously messing up a couple times, and a serial predator .”

    So what? Why make this a political issue in the first place? It’s never been a law that someone has to leave office for this sort of thing, unless laws were broken. And more than one lawbreaker has been re-elected to Congress. Which election do you think this is going to affect?

    Nobody cares about your moral purity except other people like you, and they care about their own, not yours.

    In the old days people like you would join a monastery and flagellate themselves.

  9. Alby says:

    On Clinton, I have no objection to anything she did. This is politics. I am not shocked, shocked that the party’s presumptive presidential nominee controlled the DNC.

    All I can, and did, argue is that if you take money from rich people and corporations, they expect something in return. It’s not about the morality of it. It’s about the practicality — you can’t run a populist policy program on anti-populist money.

    People elected Obama hoping he would be progressive, especially on Wall Street’s rape of the nation. He wasn’t. Clinton was promising more of the same. Trump is no true populist, but since the public wanted one and no Democrat but Sanders was heeding the call, people rolled the dice on Trump. Can’t win if you don’t play.

    None of this is about morality. I expect people to be greedy, because they’re people. I also expect those who pay the piper to call the tune, again, because they’re people.

    A political program that depends on changing human nature isn’t just doomed to crash, it will never even get off the ground.

  10. rsmitty says:

    Good Lord I’ve been away too long. Guess you two aren’t exchanging Festivus gifts any longer, huh?

  11. jason330 says:

    “Cut the proverbial throat quickly and dump him. Otherwise, he becomes an attack ad.”

    Don’t you get that they are going to do attack ads anyway? It never works when Dems try to head off some GOP fucked up shit. They always go directly to the fucked up shit no matter what.

  12. Alby says:

    @rsmitty: Right after an amoeba splits in two, each half is in competition with the other.

  13. Bane says:

    How come everytime someone who is not a white male wants to make a priority out of something that doesn’t effect white males, a white male always gets offended and says something like…

    “They’re purists about privileging the opinion of anyone who isn’t a white man over those of white men, because social justice or something”

    It’s literally the same argument that those torch burners had in Charlottesville. Why do you feel that someone else fighting for social justice is an affront to white men?

  14. Bane says:

    This is a serious question above. The BLM movement was about law enforcement. Black officers and white officers took heat. Somehow white males acted like it was about them.Talk about thin skin.

    Lately it’s been about sexual harassment. Something that has no color at all. Who is oppressing white males by fighting for justice? Let me know and I’ll show up and march with you.

  15. Alby says:

    “Why do you feel that someone else fighting for social justice is an affront to white men?”

    Because so many of the people fighting for social justice — in the wrong arena, mind you — take pains to insult white men. Or are you pretending otherwise?

    I return what I’m given.

    “Who is oppressing white males by fighting for justice?”

    Anyone who tells me “We must believe the women.” That’s not justice, because it’s not interested in the truth. It’s interested in privileging a woman’s account over a man’s, rather than giving them equal weight. Switching the roles in a dominance relationship leaves you in a dominance relationship.

    Or are you pretending otherwise?

  16. Bane says:

    I hear ya, But it still has nothing to do with WHITE males. True, they argued that we had to believe the women. Did anyone say you have to believe the women over the WHITE man? They did the same thing with men like Bill Cosby and Mike Tyson. When it comes to sexual harassment I don’t think that’s a burden that only WHITE males have to deal with. Although, given that sexual harassment is about power and white males historically have had a lock on power in this country, I can see why it would feel like white males are being attacked.

    However, you kinda added White in there all by yourself; As though males of other races are free from the public’s rash eagerness to publically persecute. I just thinks it’s a male thing. Not a white male thing.

  17. Alby says:

    It was a sarcastic comment, not a cri de coeur. I lumped them in because that’s the meme. I left out cisgendered and straight for the sake of brevity.

    I am not talking about personal feelings at all, BTW. I couldn’t care less what pigeonhole I’m assigned by people whose names I don’t know and I’ll never meet. I’m not running for anything.

    Wait. Now that I look back, you used white in talking about BLM. That’s probably where I picked it up. BLM, by the way, shows the negative power of branding. It’s a police accountability issue, and they made it about race instead. Their organization, their call, but if they want to know why they made so little progress, that’s it right there.

    That comment will be dismissed, of course, because it came from a person of my demographic characteristics.

  18. Bane says:

    Well, yes it is a police accountability issue. It’s always been that. Some people just couldn’t get pass the black part. Which is typical. Nothing sends conservative and moderate white people to their battle stations like hearing the word Black. Most would rather act like these problems don’t have a tendency to impact specific communities.

    White people suffer from a drug epidemic, America loses its mind. Black people suffer from a drug epidemic and the solution is to Just Say No and move drug treatment centers to prisons. But these differences in treatment can never be highlighted or addressed, because as soon as you mention them thin skinned people react defensively as if they have personally been called racist just because of the mere exisitance of unequal treatment.

    I don’t think branding solves this. No matter what it’s called, the people in the street would still be black and the reaction would be the same. It could have been called Living Lives Matter, and when legions of black people showed up to march, someone would argue that if only it were called All Living Lives Matter, people would care more.

  19. Alby says:

    How about Hold Police Accountable?

    It worked against teachers. That used to be a highly respected profession.

  20. FWIW says:

    Jason, you’re leaving out the part where you started this whole conflict by calling Delaware Dem a “lowlife dumbfuck” simply because he/she wrote a blog post you disagreed with.

  21. jason330 says:

    Lowlife referred to people who buy GOP spin uncritically. Dumbfuck was for people who rushed to do so. If the shoe fits.

  22. FWIW says:

    The comment was directed at Delaware Dem. You include Delaware Dem’s subsequent profane comment directed at you, but you did not include your own profane insult that preceded it because you want to portray Delaware Dem as the instigator, when in fact it was you.

  23. jason330 says:

    Instigator schmistigator.

  24. Tom Kline says:

    How about holding the parents accountable of these young thugs. Oh….we don’t know who they are..

    How about Hold Police Accountable?

    It worked against teachers. That used to be a highly respected profession.

  25. Alby says:

    What young thugs? We’re talking about the innocent men killed by cops.

    If we held you accountable you’d be gone.

  26. anonone says:

    Yo, Rsmitty – Shout out!

  27. Paul says:

    I grew up Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic boys do not learn how to treat women nor are they trained how to handle their own sexuality because, as an unmarried male, you are not supposed to have any kind of sex at all. The result is a debilitating lack of information regarding human sexuality and what should be ok or not ok. Al Franken, he made mistakes. He’s not RC, but the sex wisdom landscape is almost devoid of personalities who know how to behave. I think the impetus is on males to get this training done, but it is a lot harder when institutions don’t help pave a rational way to get there.