Tea and Clickbait: Kompromat, Corruption and Owl Orgasms

Filed in National by on November 13, 2017

Jonathan Chait analyzes why Trump talks about Putin as if Putin’s his boss. The upshot: kompromat. He makes an unprovable but decent case.

California passed a law forcing “crisis pregnancy centers” to disclose that abortion is an option. Opponents have taken their objections to the Supreme Court, but as Dahlia Lithwick explains, if that law is overturned the precedent will threaten many state laws that place restrictions on abortion.

It’s getting harder to convict politicians of corruption these days. When Bob McDonnell’s conviction was vacated by the Supreme Court, it left enough room for a Democrat like Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey to slither through. Now it appears that trial is headed for a hung jury.

Hey, remember Puerto Rico? Trump’s Katrina hasn’t gone away, but the media attention has. Now the Army announced it is ending its relief mission despite power being restored to only half the island.

Ever wondered what happens when your tweet goes viral? Andrew Hudson found when he tweeted a meme about socialism and owl orgasms was retweeted in several languages and got hundreds of thousands of likes. Yes, you read that correctly. Go ahead, you know you want to.

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    “The universe is run idiotically, and its only certain product is sorrow.” –HL Mencken

  2. jason330 says:

    It is obvious that Putin has some very damaging information about Trump. Makes sense that it is some combination of financial (direct Russian bankruptcy bailouts(?)) and sexual (I don’t want to think about what it could be).