Police Thwart Rally Violence With TSA Tactic

Filed in National by on November 13, 2017

Remember those White Lives Matter rallies in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, the ones that notably lacked the violence of the Charlottesville fiasco? There was a reason for that, and hats off to police forces who understand psychology and not just ballistics: Police slow-walked both protesters and counter-protesters through TSA-style security checkpoints.

I saw first-hand how well this tactic works at Trump’s inauguration, where hundreds of people waited for hours to get access to the parade route. It acted as a de facto cattle pen. Believe me, it’s hard to maintain excitement when you stand in line for an hour or more. Notably, the only violence that day occurred via flash mob outside the Washington Post building. Nazis used the same tactic in Charlottesville Oct. 8, disbanding before police arrived.

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