Open Thread Nov. 13: Joe, the Port and Smash That Keurig

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Joe Fever is sweeping the nation — well, the part of the nation where Delaware is situated — as everyone speculates on whether he will run for president again in 2020. The signals so far are mixed, which is exactly the right tone to set on his book tour, because the speculation equals publicity. So will he or won’t he? Axios helps sort it out by putting all his waffles on a single plate.

More important, but less talked about, is the bipartisan plan — from which the public has been excluded — to trash the state’s Coastal Zone Act in service of further developinging the Port of Wilmington. A report in the News Journal makes clear that state officials have swallowed a bunch of nebulous promises faster than Joey Chestnut at a hot dog eating contest.

Having Donald Trump halfway around the world has had one wonderful effect: It’s much harder for him to dominate every news cycle. So even though he has made a groveling, craven ass of himself, we’ve read relatively litte about it. Alas, the trip is almost over now, and Digby hits the highlights.

Sean Hannity has finally found an intellectual equal to fight: The Keurig coffee machine. Keurig is one of the five companies that pulled its ads from Hannity’s show, so Hannity called for his viewers to boycott the company. Many of those viewers proceeded to prove that nobody can tell them what to do by doing exactly what Hannity told them to do, so you can now find videos of half-wit skinheads destroying a product they presumably purchased with their own hard-earned money. His fight is getting lots of support from lots of Russian bots, though. The ironic thing is that smashing Keurig machines is exactly what dirty-hippie environmentalists want everyone to do. The stupidity of conservatives is a well that, though polluted, will never run out of water.

Philly Daily News columnist Will Bunch has written one for the time capsule: He claims the current sexual harassment outrages constitute an unexpected revolt against the patriarchy that nobody saw coming.

Here’s a new name to add to the #Metoo pervert parade: conservative shitstain James Woods. Actress Elizabeth Perkins participated in the Hollywood march protesting sexual harassment and intimidation of women while holding a sign with Woods’ name on it.

Will all this change when women gain more power? Here’s a sign: Gal Gadot, the actress now famous as Wonder Woman, told Warner Brothers she won’t play the role again unless and until Brett Ratner, one of the most frequently cited harassers, is deep-sixed from the franchise.

Chip in anything you find interesting.

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  1. Alby says:

    Ouch. SNL took aim at today’s fresh new Democratic Party:

  2. jason330 says:

    Saw that. It was spot on.

  3. mediawatch says:

    Random thoughts on what’s missing from the House and Senate tax cut bills (and which would never be added by amendment):
    1. Just like at the supermarket and the department store, the bottom of the revised Form 1040 should include a line that says “You Saved (TurboTax will automatically calculate an amount, ranging from $5 to $5 million, depending on income level).
    2. Legislation needs a claw-back amendment, to the effect that, if economy does not grow at the rate projected by the legislation’s authors within two years after the cuts are implemented, in the following tax year, all corporate and individual taxpayers must pay a penalty equal to all previous years’ “You Saved” totals.

  4. Alby says:

    Put the money where their mouths are? Never. Not even other people’s money.

  5. jason330 says:

    Mediawatch – a GOP tax cut supporter was just on one of the business channels trying to defend “trickle down.” I was amazed the reporter was allowed to challenge such a sacrosanct article of economic faith.

  6. Homesteader says:

    I’m surprised any Hannity viewers even know how to operate a Keurig machine-

  7. Alby says:

    @Homie: It’s idiot-proof for a reason.

  8. Liberal Elite says:

    …and it makes crappy coffee at a high price.
    I’m surprised that the machine actually has a strong following.

    But what amazes me even more is that any advertisers would want to stick with someone who will trash their product when they’re done advertising with him.
    I can just imagine the next conversation in the marketing conference room.
    “Should we advertise on the Hannity show?”
    “Way too risky…”

  9. Dave says:

    “…and it makes crappy coffee at a high price.”

    Try the Barista Prima Coffee House Italian Roast. I think it’s quite good. And yeah, the price is relatively high, but then it is cheaper than Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, etc. I remember making pots of coffee (Yuban used to be my go to). It was cheap, but not really good. Keurig may be more expensive, but their is less waste and no burnt coffee.

  10. Liberal Elite says:

    @D “Keurig may be more expensive, but their is less waste and no burnt coffee.”

    Look… If you want really good and inexpensive coffee, then just get one of these:

    It will beat anything you can do with a Keurig, and save you money as well.