Song Of The Day: Nov. 11, 2017

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Staying with Philly producer/composer/arranger Thom Bell, he turned Motown afterthoughts The Spinners into Atlantic Records soul stars. He wrote and produced this classic:

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  1. J. Moh says:

    I’m a Big Spinners Fan.
    No Politics just Fun – MY
    Top 5 R&B Groups – Top 5 Rock Groups
    1. Shalamar 1. The Doobie Bro.
    2. The Spinners 2. Def Leppard
    3. Loose Ends 3. Foreigner
    4. The Isley Bro. 4. The Allman Bro.
    5. The Four Topps 5. Rage Against the Machine

  2. While I’m a listaholic, that’s too tough a list for me to put together.

    Bearing in mind that I’m ,uh, older than most of you, my fave R & B/soul group is a band that few have heard of, but who might well have been the most influential early R & B group of them all: The Five Royales. Check them out, they’re amazing

    Don’t worry, I’ll be sampling them at a later date. Other faves include the Impressions and, of course, the Temptations. And so many others.