Northam’s campaign proves once again, Democrats suck

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…As if the world needed more proof. Listen, Republican smears work because Democrats don’t have much in the way of core values to create firm campaign foundations. We’ll always be on the defensive, playing to “not lose.”

Democrats are nervous about how they’re concluding the biggest election of 2017, with some growing increasingly concerned that missteps and internal feuds are hurting their chances of winning Virginia’s crucial gubernatorial election Tuesday.

The last week of the race has thrown Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D) campaign on the defensive, as he’s struggled to grapple with blowback from a charged ad from an allied outside group, overreacted with a promise to ban sanctuary cities if needed and took a beating from some progressives.

Democrats still think they’re likely to hang on and win the race. But the back-biting and finger-pointing has distracted Northam and helped unite Republicans as he looks to grind out a win against GOP nominee Ed Gillespie’s racially charged campaign in the biggest test so far of Democratic organizing ability and electoral strength since Trump’s 2016 victory.

“Everyone’s just scrambling to shit the bed at once,” one longtime Virginia Democratic strategist told TPM, slamming the chirping from left-wing groups while calling Northam’s waffling on sanctuary cities “bizarre.”

“It’s difficult to watch as a Virginian who really doesn’t want Ed Gillespie as governor.”

The Democrat strategist — and most Democrats — still think Northam will hold on to win the race in a state Hillary Clinton carried last fall. But many are frustrated at the infighting that’s taken place in the race’s last week, with progressives furious at Northam’s caution and moderation and Northam allies maddened by unhelpful liberal bedwetting.

“People are screwing up,” said another Democrat who’s working on Virginia races, warning a Northam loss would “signal that the wave is not what we think it is, it cool a lot of fundraising and enthusiasm and really force people to reevaluate 2018.”


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  1. chris says:

    Dems should have nominated Obama’s guy Tom Periello then as their standard bearer, not Terry McCauliffe’s guy.

  2. Alby says:

    This is what happens when you expend your effort finding the perfect course through the rapids of somebody somewhere getting offended. Northam never should have reacted to this ad. Would a Republican have reacted?

  3. Ben says:

    The repuke is going to win tomorrow. Demohacks will blame Bernie, Millennials, and their own voters for not eating a shit sandwich and asking for more. Perhaps the best possible outcome for 2018 is for every GOPer to win every race.

  4. Alby says:

    The ad in question showed a truck with a Confederate flag chasing Hispanics. Afraid of racist rednecks getting angry at him, Northam disavowed not only the ad but the whole idea of sanctuary cities. It was like ACORN all over again — they shit themselves so fast they didn’t even wait to see if any of it was true.

    And yet some people believe that Democrats have to BEGIN catering to these cretins. They tend to be the same people who call not taking corporate money “unilateral disarmament.”