Open Thread For October 23, 2017

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Rethugs Sabotage Congressional Russia Investigations.  They are a criminal enterprise. They’re just doing what criminals do.

McCain Attacks Trump’s ‘Bone Spur’ Deferments. How King Cheet-O avoided military service.

Report: Secrecy Surrounds Delaware Prison Healthcare. Delaware’s response?: Some questions were only ‘yes’ and ‘no’, doesn’t provide for nuance, blahblahblah. Let’s be honest. Delaware contracts out healthcare to save money, not to provide decent healthcare to prisoners. Hence, decent healthcare is not provided. End of story. I’m seriously considering a subscription to the Delaware State News.

Waiting On FEMA. Incompetence is not just for Puerto Ricans any more. A-pluses my ass. Time for the media to revisit this.

‘Bama D Doug Jones Running As A True D.  Why not? Pretending to be R’s, or at least R sympathizers, hasn’t been working out too well.  BTW, D’s could blow that Virginia election b/c the candidate is pretending to be an R. New Jersey is going D b/c of anti-Christie sentiment, but the D is Third Way all the way. Corporate banker, bought himself an ambassadorship. BTW, the polling in both races has tightened, which is to be expected when you don’t have a fucking message.

Timid D’s Blowing Climate Change Debate.  Yes, they want to ‘reach across the aisle’.  They should remember that they’re dealing with a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party. It’s really not that fucking hard: Tie fighting climate change to jobs creation. Jee-zus!

‘Troops in Niger? Honest, Chuck, We Had No Idea’.  Senators hem and haw, as if ignorance of their responsibilities is a defense.  Hey, they abdicated their duty after the Iraq vote, they can rectify it, but they won’t.

The Scam That Is Cape Coral, Florida.  A great read about a ‘boomtown that shouldn’t exist’.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Dem challengers raising historic money…What would happen if Dems had a coherent message? Republicans would never win another election.

    Democratic candidates are reporting historic early fundraising totals, alarming GOP strategists and raising the prospect that 2018 could feature the most expansive House battlefield in years.

    Animated by opposition to President Donald Trump and the Republican congressional majorities, at least 162 Democratic candidates in 82 GOP-held districts have raised over $100,000 so far this year, according to a POLITICO analysis of the latest FEC data. That’s about four times as many candidates as House Democrats had at this point before the 2016 or 2014 elections, and it’s more than twice as many as Republicans had running at this point eight years ago, on the eve of capturing the House in the 2010 wave election.

    Nearly three dozen Republican incumbents were outraised by Democratic challengers in the third quarter of this year – a stunning figure

  2. Jason330 says:

    Hillary campaigning for Murphy in New Jersey. Presumably because Democrats are in love with losing winnable elections.

  3. Of course, it’s a closed event to raise money for a self-funding Goldman Sachs multimillionaire. 23 years raking in the big bucks at Hil’s favorite speech enabler. But here she is, raising money in secret.

    Kinda like those fundraising events that Hillary held in the last few weeks of the Presidential campaign instead of meeting voters.

  4. Jason330 says:

    I had thought that Bill’s strategic brilliance could counterweight Hill’s strategic ineptitude. I guess not.

  5. When the party of registered Democrats is held hostage by The Third Way Goldman Sachs ‘Democrats’, registered Democrats say home. The DNC is purging itself of those who do not subscribe to Third Way-ism.

    The results are predictable. These corporadems would rather control the party apparatus and lose than allow even a glint of hope that perhaps there’s a better way to do things and win.

  6. mouse says:

    They are going to end up with people either not voting, voting for 3nd party or voting for republicans just to get the corporate owned dem out of office. I’m sick of voting for these parasites.

  7. Liberal Elite says:


    You don’t get a choice between corporations vs. no corporations.
    Our entire government is based on corporate rent seeking.
    Unfortunately… This IS the system we have.
    This is one area where the Chinese have us beat, and beat badly.

    Your choice is between bad corporations and worse ones.
    That alone should make you want to pull the lever for a Dem.

  8. RE Vanella says:

    Nah, I’m done with that. I’ve self purged. I’m happily and officially of no party of clique. (I really only registered Democrat to vote for Eugene Young in the mayoral primary.)

    I don’t like the system we have. So give me a better choice or go fuck yourself.

  9. SussexAnon says:

    Article in Cape Gazette about federal flood insurance and how private insurance companies are looking to get into the flood insurance market.
    Let’s just skip to the end where the private insurance companies get bailed out after a natural disaster. Just like the banks did after the financial disaster.

  10. alby says:

    “You don’t get a choice between corporations vs. no corporations.
    Our entire government is based on corporate rent seeking.
    Unfortunately… This IS the system we have.”

    This is both defeatist and ahistoric. It’s like saying the problem with Republicans isn’t that they are feudal lords, it’s that they’re BAD feudal lords. Yeah, that’s gonna get people charged up to elect Democrats — “vote for the nice overlords.”

    It’s also overlooking the entire progressive movement. It’s not impossible to charge this, it’s just hard.

  11. alby says:

    Props to Megyn Kelly, who’s standing athwart Bill O’Reilly’s attempted comeback and yelling, “Stop!” In her show’s open today she pointed out that, contra Luffa Man’s claim that nobody at Fox News lodged a complaint against him, she herself did.

    This might be an attempt to reposition herself as political about women’s workplace issues, but if it puts the kibosh on this turd’s comeback I’m all for it.

  12. mouse says:

    Goldman Sachs Democrats lol. Nailed it!

  13. mouse says:

    My mortgage holder sold my mortgage a couple years ago. Immediately I received a letter stating if I didn’t get flood insurance, they would take out a Lloyd’s of London policy out on my property and charge me for it. I had to prove I wasn’t in the 100 year flood plain doing my own research and making terroristic threats against them before they relented. The POS parasites finally relented but what if I hadn’t fought and couldn’t afford the policy. The maggots would have foreclosed on my home. Makes my blood boil to this day.

  14. Rocker says:

    That’s brilliant, Mouse. I thought all you brain dead liberals believed in climate change that is so severe that the oceans will rise and destroy the coastal areas. Seems to me that people who in the most vulnerable areas (hello Sussex County) should bear the cost of the flooding. But, as most liberals believe, you think someone else should be on the hook. Typical. You know you could move. Preferably completely out of Delaware.

  15. alby says:

    Uh-oh. Preschool let out early today, I see.

  16. Rocker says:

    Is that the best you can do? Mouse whined about not being in a 100 year flood plain. How does that jive with the rising oceans scenario? No answer so far, just childish responses. But, Alby……that is your MO after all.

  17. alby says:

    Childish response to a childish comment. Where’s the problem?

    I have long advocated for the free market to take effect with flood insurance. It’s not liberals keeping that from happening, because liberals don’t own those beachfront houses.

    BTW, the word is “jibe.” Correcting illiterates is also part of my MO.

  18. Rocker says:

    Instead of nit picking typo errors, answer the question. Will there be coastal flooding in the next 100 years caused by climate change or not?

  19. alby says:

    I’m sure there will be, but you, I and mouse will all be dead. What’s your point?

    If you’re claiming that Republicans or conservatives are against federal underwriting of flood insurance, you’re going to have to prove that their elected representatives have done something about it.

    If you want a serious discussion here, it helps a lot not to start your comment with “brain dead liberals.” In my experience, and it is considerable, they are far outnumbered by brain-dead conservatives, and if you use the phrase I have to assume you are one of them.

    So if you want to have an actual conversation, I suggest you drop the aggro tone and be civil. And don’t play the conservative “leading question” game your ilk tends to love. Just say what you have to say, because so far it’s been nothing but the kind of sniping you were quick to call out when it was used on you.