Delaware Political Weekly: October 13-19, 2017

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Let’s start out with the obvious. This won’t be weekly for awhile. But there was plenty of news this week, so let’s go through it.

1. Mullaney To Run For AG. Former Deputy AG Tim Mullaney, former top administrator to NCC Executive Tom Gordon, currently…‘director of labor services for the National Fraternal Order of Police’. Would it be stating the obvious to point out that, while the Attorney General must be able to work with the police, someone who is this closely aligned with the police is not likely to view any police activity, regardless of how egregious, with impartiality?  BTW, the Delaware State News has become Delaware’s political paper of record.  News Journal is days behind on virtually all political and governmental stories, if the paper covers them at all.

2. Impressive Candidate To Run For Kent County Levy Court. Jeffrey Hall, a Democrat, has filed to run for Kent County’s 2nd Levy Court District. Yes, he works at Del-Tech, but he’s not a political appointee.  He chairs the Engineering Technologies Department, and he’s eminently qualified. Served in the US Coast Guard for 30 years, starting as an Electronics Technician and ending up as Logistics Department Head. What I like the most is that his issues statement is not all over the map, but rather focuses on precisely what a Levy Court Commissioner should be focused on:

The county will change over time — for better or for worse — not based on a single, major decision but on hundreds of zoning, tax, planning, contracting, and personnel decisions made by commissioners over months and years. I have the breadth and depth of experience to make such decisions. I’ve succeeded in leadership positions for more than 25 years, making tough calls on military justice, personnel administration, civil engineering, budget & finance, operations, and technical management. 

He appears both qualified and focused.  I’m impressed.

3. Paradee Files For Open Bushweller Seat.  Since the only candidates who have filed are from Kent County, perhaps only Kent County has set the filing fees.  In fact, upon further investigation, it turns out that that’s the case.

That’s it for this week (or month). What’d I miss and whaddayathink?


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  1. chris says:

    OH NO!! Mullaney is ancient….Delaware needs some young blood in there– not just some retread trying to collect more pension checks.

  2. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    Is there any qualified Democrat under the age of ummmmm 50? 60? available to run for AG? Asking for a friend…

    Let’s see, if the statewide ticket in 2018 is Tom Carper, Tim Mullaney, Dennis Williams, and whatever lamb/schlub they find to run against GOP golden boy Simpler (Sean Barney Part III?), we are screwed.

  3. Don’t see Mullaney or Williams being on the ticket. Although Kathy McGuiness could be. She’s on Facebook gushing about Ken Simpler’s simple-minded plan to overhaul budgeting in Delaware.

    She’s not a D, no matter what Pistol Pete says.

  4. GOP2018 says:

    Shawn Lynn filed today is the word on the street here in Dover.

  5. For what? Nothing popped up on the Department of Elections page.

  6. jason330 says:

    50 is the new 45.

  7. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    Why would you file and not announce?