Open Thread For October 17, 2017

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Trump Caught Lying About Presidents And Dead Soldiers. He then mused about how talking to the families is the hardest part of his job.  Raise your hands if you think he’s ever consoled any Gold Star family. Does anyone think he personally wrote letters to the families?  A sociopathic narcissist.

BREAKING: Trump’s Drug Czar Nominee Withdraws From ConsiderationThis may have hastened his withdrawal. I hope he runs for reelection in his opiate-addled district. He could lose.

What Are We Doing In Niger?  This is about the best explanation I can find. Training. And drone bases.

Yes, Pence Is THAT Dangerous. The Koch Brothers favorite. Must-read in-depth piece from the New Yorker.  He’s only playing the role of ‘Sycophant-In-Chief’.

Trump’s Poll Numbers Are ‘Really Really Bad’.  During a time of relative peace and prosperity.  Worst numbers of any President. This isn’t likely to bring those numbers up any.

How Open Will CZA Process Be?  Dave Carter has performed a public service by shedding light on this process.  Dissembling already in progress…

Trump Hiding Names Of Mar-A-Lago Visitors.  Looks like he’s lying about it as well. Who woulda guessed?

John Kelly Ordered ICE To Portray Immigrants As Criminals To Justify Raids.  Meaning, he’s not all that.

Prison Rights Activist Forms Alliance With Noted Jurist.  Dover’s Ken Abraham is his name. The ‘new nonprofit venture (will be) aimed at protecting the rights of inmates with legal claims against the criminal justice system.’  Here’s a commentary written by Abraham, noting that prison reform is not proceeding at ‘lightning speed’, regardless of what career political insider Claire DeMatteis says.


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  1. alby says:

    Re: Trump lying about dead soldiers:

    This one’s easy. Trump doesn’t like dealing with anything messy, so he really doesn’t want to call or write these Gold Star parents. The only way they got him to do it at all was to tell him Obama didn’t.