Open Thread For October 12, 2017

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BREAKING: Trump Threatens To Abandon Puerto Rico Relief Effort.  ““We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!”  I have no words.

Velda Jones-Potter At It Again. How the fuck does the City hand this serial feeder at the public trough her own discretionary fund(s)? Financial literacy funds were not used for financial literacy. And then there’s this:

Jones-Potter also requested and received several other pots of money that are new for the treasurer’s office: $18,000 for community services, $25,000 for computer software, $700 for food, $3,500 for business meetings and $19,000 for consultants, her budget shows. That doesn’t include the $25,000 her office received for orientation and training.

Although the mayor said earlier this year that the city faced a “looming debt crisis” that required cutting sixteen firefighter positions and raising property taxes, the treasurer’s budget was 285 percent higher than that of her predecessor, the budget breakdown shows.

Looks like Velda Jones-Potter ran for Treasurer to loot the City’s treasury. And city leaders let her do it. This family needs to be out of government. Right now.

Pious Roy Moore Made Over $1 Mill From Religious Charity.  He said he would not take a ‘regular salary’ b/c he ‘did not want to be a financial burden. Instead he took an irregular salary that netted him over a million dollars over six years. Very shady bookkeeping as well. Maybe it’ll matter, maybe it won’t.  The D’s at least oughta try.

Trump To Nominate Kelly Aide As Homeland Security Secretary. Kirstjen Nielson. She’s been Kelly’s ‘enforcer’ and the Trump kids have chafed under her rule. This gets her out of the White House. Omasosa approves.

Dems Announce Legislation To Challenge Regulators’ Conflicts-Of-Interest.  Considering the fox-guarding-the-henhouse approach to regulation under Trump, this is essential.  But likely doomed.

The White Supremacist Airport Bomber You Didn’t Hear About. Michael Christopher Estes. Planted an explosive device at the Asheville (NC) Airport. Wanted to ‘…fight a war on American soil’.  Jee-zus.

Why US Soccer Sucks. And why the US failure to reach the World Cup was so predictable. Hint: Ever wonder why soccer has become a white middle class sport in America?

The Iran Decertification Explained. Yes, he’s simply trying to destroy everything.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m too depressed to seek it out.

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. Kelly says:

    When are the taxpayers in the City going to wake up when it comes to Vela Potter. I noticed that the Finance Chairmen had no comment. Are you kidding me. The only reason that Bud Feel his keeping is mouth shut is because his exe wife is Vela Potter Deputy and she might lose her job. I can’t believe she gets $700.00 for food. All of the employees in her office make over $60 thousand dollars a year and I think they can pay for there own lunch. She should be impeached and never run for any office ever, and the same goes for her husband. They are the new Bonnie and Clyde.

  2. alby says:

    Well, it would be nice if the bankers who hired her as window dressing would come out and admit she was a disaster in the private sector, too.

  3. Is Bud Freel’s wife really Velda’s deputy? What’s her name and what is her salary?

    I know that Freel has been praised by previous contributors here, but I’ve seen him pull some pretty shady stuff in the past. Tell me more.

  4. alby says:

    Re: Soccer. Link from linked article starts off,

    “As Doug Andreassen, the chairman of US Soccer’s diversity task force, looks across the game he loves, all he can see is a system broken in America. And he wonders why nobody seems to care.”

    Nobody seems to care because they have actual problems unrelated to 22 guys kicking a ball around.

    If all we do is switch allegiance from American football to world football, we haven’t made progress. You won’t get rid of toxic masculinity until you get rid of the idea that what 22 (28, really) guys do on a big grass field actually says something about the value of their countries of origin (or, in the case of pro sports, the city paying the mercenaries).

  5. alby says:

    Re: Velda. Kelly said “ex-wife,” which means Bud might have to pick up more of her bills if Velda doesn’t.

    Somebody needs to do a history of the Freel family and how it got its tentacles around the state Democratic Party.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Same Mary P McDermott? Maybe, so.

    Also, Bud’s current missus is called Kelly, like the commenter.

  7. Kelly says:

    His ex wife name is Mary Pat McDermott and she makes over $90 Thousand. I thought he had a new wife, so why is he protecting his X. Maybe something going on. More to come.

  8. alby says:

    I don’t think his current missus would dis him like that.

    “Irish” is the No. 1 ethnicity in Delaware, so Kelly is a fairly common name, first or last.

  9. Ben says:

    “US soccer sucks” says someone who forgets about our many-times-over world champion women’s team . We pay them basically nothing, the LEAST we could do is remember they exist.

  10. alby says:

    @Ben: I apologize. I should have said women’s soccer was equally useless and wrong-headed.

  11. chris says:

    The former Treasurer Supinski always had a budget hearing. Now the Finance Committee waived Velda’s budget convenient …. BUD FREEL & HANIFFA BUSTED! and they gave her a 285 % increase with no oversight….. and the city had the nerve to raise property taxes by millions of bucks… Now that’s a scandal!!!

  12. Ben says:

    THANK YOU, alby. jeeze, equal opportunity dickishness is all i ask for 🙂

  13. alby says:

    @Ben: I should make clear I love the sport, I hate nationalistic competition.

  14. Kelly says:

    I heard that the former city treasurer discretionary fund was only $2000.00. And it was that way for 32 years. So why should it be 285% more. Maybe she is trying to recoup the $119000.00 she had to pay for the roof. Do you really think she cares about people who are having their house sheriff sales. She wants the money for something else she has up her sleeve. This lady needs to go to jail.

  15. chris says:

    Bud and Haniffa gave Velda a free pass on this one . Bud is a walking case for term limits. at the city trough way too long !!
    and then you have Haniffa dumping wads of money to old Theo the first week she’s in office. All this while the city jacking up our property taxes!!!!!!

    No wonder Dover doesn’t want to send $ to Wilmington.