The Speculative Attorney General Thread: Part Deux

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It’s been quiet, too quiet, concerning this race.  So, time to share some of the latest scuttlebutt I’ve heard:

1. Oberly In? Jennings Out?  They apparently realize that they would both appeal to the same constituencies, whatever those constituencies might be.  Oberly hasn’t run for office since 1994, when he challenged and lost a US Senate race to Bill Roth, and the previous Delaware Attorney General hasn’t served in elective office since 1995.  His main accomplishment as United States Attorney for the District of Delaware was to make sure that nobody from the Minner Administration ever got charged with anything.  He’s gonna run 24 years since his last run? If that’s the best the D’s can do, they deserve to lose.  Kathleen Jennings has never run for office, and it appears that she will keep that streak alive next year.

2. Ex- Dover Cop, Ex-Gordon Aide To Run?  Looks that way.  His name is Tim Mullaney. This guy.  Gordon’s known him for 30 years. Gotta love the fact that Mullaney didn’t return the reporter’s phone call upon his appointment. Not sure how far his Dover cop days and Gordon’s friendship will take him. Likely not far.

3. One From Column A, One From Column B? Both State Rep. Sean Lynn and State Senator Bryan Townsend are considering runs for the seat. Both would have to give up their seats to run.

4. R’s Have A Guy Who Could Win. Right off the Rethug ‘Leadership Delaware’ assembly line.  David Skoranski. (They all look the same.)  His bio claims he singlehandedly repealed the death penalty in Delaware.  Perhaps a bit of an overstatement. Co-founder of something called ‘Revitalize Delaware’, which has Charlie Copeland’s fingerprints all over it. As in ‘We plan to do this by communicating and promoting policies in Delaware based on the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and political accountability’. Haven’t heard that phrase since the Caesar Rodney Institute start-up.  Having said that, he apparently opposes the death penalty and supports the legalization of marijuana. Which puts him far to the left of Charlie Oberly.  D’s could lose this. On merit.

Any other rumors out there ripe for mongering?


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  1. BTW, Mullaney’s a dick. He threatened WDEL with legal action b/c they released a tape featuring Tom Gordon going off on the problems caused by Dana Long’s sign stealing (Bethany Hall Long’s husband, for those who have forgotten). By this time Mullaney had replaced David Grimaldi as Gordon’s Chief of Staff. Let’s quote from the would-be AG:

    “If the alleged recordings are, in fact as you say they are, being a conversation between two county employees and the content is about a county employee…the content would be privileged as a personnel matter,” Timothy Mullaney Sr., New Castle County chief administrative officer threatened through a spokeswoman. “(WDEL) have been put on notice that if you knowingly release privileged protected material you could be liable for the breach of confidentiality of the personnel matter, which could result in legal action.”

    You can read all about it in this informative post from Cassandra back in April of 2016:

  2. chris says:

    Mullaney needs to retire…just an OLD retread looking for more damn pensions.
    He was Beau’s guy too in AG’s office….not a progressive either

  3. There’s something about that Biden-Gordon connection. Is it the cop love, or what is it?

  4. jason330 says:

    He’d be good, but Sean Lynn isn’t running.

  5. That is not yet a done deal. He’s still hedging his bets.

  6. chris says:

    I would personally like to see a younger, vibrant fresher face get in this race…

  7. mediawatch says:

    Flip Chowers, anyone?

  8. chris says:

    Maybe more like AG of Massachusetts…he loves them Patriots you know!