Open Thread For October 10, 2017

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Another Reason To Hate The Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones delivers marching orders direct from Trump to players. Stand for the anthem, or else. There’s also this.  I’m with Trump 100% on that one.

How Chicago Gets Its Guns. It’s not from huge cartels.

Trump To Repeal Clean Power Plan Today.  By putting Scott Pruitt’s thumb on the regulatory scale.

Dianne Feinstein Must Be Defeated. Time to get her Third Way hawkish butt out of the Senate. Potential challengers? Rep. Barbara Lee, Robert Reich, and a host of others.

Unprecedented Wildfires Raging Through Wine Country. FEMA already getting high marks.  Trump Wines being airlifted into Sonoma and Napa.  (Part of this is untrue.)

Jimmy Carter To The Rescue With N. Korea?  Why not?

America Being Governed By Least Scrupulous Of Its Citizens.  It’s called a ‘kakistocracy’.

How Out Of Touch Are Carper And Coons? They didn’t even need a roundtable for this business roundtable discussion.  Yes, ‘reaching across the aisle’ is mentioned.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. RE Vanella says:

    “President Trump loves having the highest rank. He should feel the most special.”