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By RE Vanella

Last month I received as a birthday gift the Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell, first edition in four volumes.  I reacted like little kid under the Christmas tree.  It’s incredibly satisfying when people close to you know you well enough to give the perfect gift.  Something’s functioning properly.  Feels good.

So anyway, rather than write a few timely and relevant words on guns, tyranny, North Korea and the future of democracy, I figure you’d all enjoy it more if Orwell did it all in one brief essay.

This was originally written for the democratic socialist magazine Tribune and published 19 October 1945.  It appears in the fourth edition of CEJL titled “In Front of Your Nose”.  It is now in the public domain.


You and the Atom Bomb



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  1. love this!

    I was just remembering my intro to Orwell. 7th grade English at Springer Jr. H.S. with Mr. Phelan. I got him again for 8th grade English and read more Orwell. Like bibles. Phelan taught Orwell all day, all week, all year and I couldn’t get enough.