Rep. Trey Paradee To Seek Brian Bushweller’s Senate Seat

Filed in Delaware, Featured by on October 7, 2017

And, while I’m not his biggest fan, he probably represents a little bit of a progressive upgrade over Bushweller. He at least strongly supports a minimum wage increase.  According to this Delaware State News article, Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Allan Angel is also considering the race.

The 17th Senatorial District currently has 16060 D’s; 7229 R’s; and 7822 I’s.  The district features virtually all of downtown Dover, plus Camden and Wyoming. This should be a fairly safe D district, even with Bushweller’s retirement.

Making the next musical chairs question: Who replaces Paradee? While the 29th RD leans D, it’s not nearly the slam dunk that the 17th SD is. Could be a competitive race there.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Expect the Republican concert trolling about Paradee not being liberal enough to commence any minute.

  2. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    meh… would rather see Sean Lynn in this seat. Question is will Senator Trey continue to be beholden to the House leadership? And then who takes his place?

  3. Sean Lynn would be light years better than Trey. Of course, Trey wouldn’t be beholden to House leadership in the Senate–and he did cross them on minimum wage, which he supported. The D’s who killed minimum wage in the Business Lapdog Committee are Chief Lapdog Bryon Short and Andria Bennett and Quin Johnson.

    I think Sean is trying to decide between a possible longshot run for AG or running for reelection to his House seat. I wish he’d at least consider a Senate run.