Open Thread For October 7, 2017

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Trump Rolls Back Protections For Contraceptive Coverage Because He Can. Or thinks he can.  It’s headed to court. If the Rethugs ever get control of the courts, this country’s done.

Really Good Progressive To Retire. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire.  BTW, here’s why the national party sucks:

She’d never been a favorite of national Democrats due to her unrepentantly liberal views in the centrist district, but her fervent base support had helped keep her in the race and eventually won over some internal party critics.

Betcha The Third Way losers are already shoveling money into some self-financing millionaire’s campaign. And yes, that’s an oxymoron. Emphasis on ‘moron’.

How Russia Orchestrated Widespread Cheating At 2014 Olympics. This is pretty bleeping amazing. And real amazing reporting. A must-read.

Harvey Weinstein Is A Total Scumbag.  No, I’m not gonna link to that elevator incident.  A despicable exploiter of women.  And, no, his liberal stances in no way inoculate him from his behavior, any more than Hugh Hefner’s should inoculate him from making his fortune by exploiting women.

Offshore Wind Farms For Delaware?  Who knows? I have no confidence in Delaware doing the right thing, whatever the right thing is.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. Dana says:

    Before the contraception mandate went into effect, Planned Parenthood’s website estimated the monthly cost for birth control pills to be between $15 and $50. If a woman is buying generics at the lower end, a couple will spend more than that in a month on toothpaste.

    If a couple chooses contraception, they are still doing so for a limited time, roughly between 15 and 45 for the woman, but they will need toothpaste for every day of their lives; 30 years of BC pills vis a vis maybe 80 of brushing their teeth.

    If the government is going to require insurance to cover some particular health-related product, wouldn’t it make sense to require providing toothpaste over BC pills?

  2. alby says:

    No, and if you cared about your premium rate, you’d agree.

    Pregnancy is more expensive than birth control — about $30,000 on average, $50,000 if a C-section is needed.

    Conservatives who claim to watch the budget are more than willing to apply penny-wise, pound-foolish reasoning when it comes to fucking over someone they think “doesn’t deserve” something.

    That’s how you can tell they’re Christians. As far as they’re concerned the only lesson of the woman at the well is “go and sin no more.” You’ll notice that in their interpretation, they are saying the same thing as Jesus — without having earned that right as he did.