Open Thread For October 5, 2017

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‘Thoughts And Prayers’ From Top Congressional Recipients Of NRA Contributions.  All, of course, are Rethugs. Hypocrites all.

 Delaware Pastors Call Out The Delaware Way.  They’re right, of course. Why is Carney slow-walking the Gilliam Johnson nomination?  That entire mess stinks so much of the Delaware Way. Primary stench coming from Tony DeLuca and Nicole Poore, both who parlayed elective office into ‘jobs’ that they barely perform, if they perform them at all. Not to mention that DeLuca, who is in a position to address anti-discrimination complaints, throws those complaints in the trash.

Another Would-Be Mass Murderer Caught At Traffic Stop.  When will these guys learn to obey the speed limit? Seriously, though, that’s a lot of weaponry. Wonder what he planned to do with it?

Interior Secretary Zinke Attends Political Events On Public Dime.  The next Tom Price?  He’s the guy looking to shrink national monuments down to Trump finger-size, isn’t he?

US Casts Disgraceful Votes Against UN Resolution. Not only did Nikki Haley vote against a resolution opposing, wait for it, the death penalty for LGBTQ people, she also voted against amendments urging countries to stop using experimental drugs during those executions.  That’s the media’s new darling for SOS, pipples. Granted, she was only following orders.  ‘Only following orders’…now where have I heard that before?

Court Orders Trump Administration To Enforce Obama Emissions Rule.  Requires burnt-off methane to be recaptured. Rethugs tried, but couldn’t repeal, the requirement. So King Cheeto decided to not enforce it, at least for a couple of years.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. chris says:

    Kudos to the Delaware pastors….. speaking truth to power!

  2. Tom Kline says:

    Yikes… Scary group.

  3. LeBay says:

    How much do “thoughts and prayers ” cost? Zero. And they’re worth ZERO.

    What a load of shit!