Open Thread For October 4, 2017

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Most Deranged Trump Performance Ever.  That Puerto Rican appearance was terrifying. All he cared about was claiming that he got ‘high marks’ for the great job he’s done.  Gives out flashlights that he claims people won’t need b/c the power is back on, which it’s not. Throws out paper towels as if they’re Mardi Gras trinkets (‘Hey’ chica, show me your boobs’).  Tells Puerto Ricans that they’ve messed up his budget. And so much more. I can’t joke about this. He is an existential threat to our country.

Report: Tillerson Called Trump A ‘Moron’.  He was ready to walk out this summer. A Pence intervention may have temporarily saved his job.  When the country’s top diplomat calls his boss a moron, the boss really is a moron. A moron who won’t keep Tillerson around much longer.

Rep. Murphy: Only Mistresses Should Get Abortions.  Pro-life congressman caught urging his mistress to abort their unborn child. Yes, he’s a Rethuglican from western Pa.

True Story: IRS Awards Fraud Protection Contract To…Equifax.  Seriously, satire ain’t got nothing on real life.

Ivanka And Donnie Jr. Were Facing Charges–Until Trump’s Lawyer Bribed AG.  A must-read from Pro Publica.  Dates back to 2012. Actually, the illegal activity dates back much further than that. Felony fraud.  They should have gone down. But money changes everything.

Carney Seeks Partnership With Christina School District.  Will he put additional money where his mealy mushmouth is? How will he pay for it?

Populist Candidate Backed By Bernie Wins Birmingham Mayoralty.  Not the first, won’t be the last.  People are tired of, not to overuse a phrase, mealy mushmouthedness.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. jason330 says:

    We’ve said all that can be said about how terrible Trump is. Unless GOP leadership like Paul Ryan and Ken Simpler (on a local level) start calling out Trump – its all just Democrats being mad because he beat Hillary, or some nonsense.

    The problem is – chicken-ass pieces of shit like Ryan and Simpler will never, ever, ever call out Trump if they think it might lose them one primary voter.

  2. Dave says:

    And of course leaving the PRs with his amazing closing at the end of every catastrophe “Have fun.”

    He went over the top so long ago, that the phrase “jumped the shark” has lost all meaning. We need a new phrase for those who are truly outrageous. Something like “He trumped it” or something that turns the noun into a verb (or as I say – to verbize a noun” – “trump v. to act or speak in a manner that demonstrates a complete and utter lack of class, empathy, or comprehension”

  3. Dave says:

    Re: Murphy

    He ran unopposed in 2016. Do you think that maybe the Democrats can find someone to run against him next time? Granted his district is heavily red, but still he trumped it with his abject hypocrisy. Even the most jaded voter would have to be responsive to messaging highlighting this.

  4. alby says:

    @Dave: Nah, Scott DeJarlais in Tennessee did the same thing and got re-elected twice. They are all hypocrites in the GOP. Every. Single. One.

  5. The Corporadems won’t and shouldn’t mount a challenge. Maybe some Bernie-style populism is the elixir we need.

  6. At a brief impromptu press conference this morning, Tillerson denies having threatened to quit, doesn’t deny that he called Trump a moron.

    Actually, NBC says that he didn’t call Trump a moron. He called him ‘an effing moron’. This story is being leaked by insiders with the long knives out for Tillerson.

  7. alby says:

    How about that Neil Gorsuch, huh? This is what you get when a reasonably bright person is raised sucking at the withered dugs of conservatism: