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Filed in Delaware, Featured by on October 4, 2017

That’s right. We are looking for one or two people to join us. Maybe even more if you make us an offer we can’t refuse.

In particular, we are looking for someone to bring their special spin to our Daily Open Threads. You can develop the format any way you want, and you can highlight those issues that intrigue you.

I really want to get back to focusing on the upcoming legislative session, the 2018 election, and Delaware doings in general. I really enjoy doing the open threads, but doing them takes time away from my blogging sweet spot.

Doesn’t matter if you can’t do it every day, we can work with that.

If you’d like to join us, either to do the open thread, or to become a contributor writing about other issues, get the ball rolling by writing us on the Tip Line. Be sure you leave your contact info, and we’ll get in touch.

You too can be a semi-celebrity! It all starts now…

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    I consider myself more of sporadic contributor and pseudo-semi-celebrity. G-list in my wildest dreams.

  2. Dana says:

    I’m absolutely certain that Jason would want me to apply, but, Alas! I’m no longer close to the First State. 🙂

  3. This reminds me. If you are brought on as a contributor, of course you could write about whatever you want. But we’d love it if you could take over the Open Thread responsibilities as well.

  4. donviti says:

    I know someone dying to make a come back!

    god damnit!

  5. jason330 says:

    DV – I’m getting better at youtube. Want to do a weekly Youtube show?

  6. GAU38 says:

    Whatever happened to “The New Deal”? Remember when he was supposed to be a big thing? Jason?

  7. jason330 says:

    Blogging is like having that 8th drink of the night. Seems like a good idea at the time.