Open Thread For October 3, 2017

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477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. No Action From Congress. NY Times must-read editorial.

Speaking Of Which…House Seeks To Pass Gun Silencer Bill. Because preserving the hearing of mass murderers is more important than stopping killings by mass murderers. They might delay the vote for a couple of days…out of respect.

The Report That Puts The Lie To Trump’s Tax Reform Claims. So damaging that Mnuchin has, of course, deleted it.  Thankfully, it’s still out there on the internets.

Congress Allows Childrens’ Health Insurance Program (CHIP) To Lapse.  Hey, there’s only so many hours in the day and, when you spend them trying to kill Obamacare, there’s no time to protect kids. Tough noogies for them.

Time To Question The Red Cross?  Beginning to look more like PR over substance. They weren’t there for Harvey.The Jobs For Delaware Graduates of disaster relief?

Anti-Monopoly Candidacies A Ray Of Light For D’s?  I’m gonna say it. Yes.

Congressman Duped Into Holding Hearing Aired Live On Ukranian TV.  I like to think that I have a healthy sense of the absurd.  It’s not healthy enough for these times. This is just so bizarre.

RIP: Tom Petty. Gotta admit, while I liked him like everybody else, he didn’t change my life.  Only got one of his albums, Damn The Torpedoes.  But he sure wrote a bleepload of catchy tunes. Feel free to share your faves. Here’s mine:

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. meatball says:

    The Red Cross also compensates workers poorly. No wonder they can’t attract qualified help. It’s a CEO sounds like a real piece of work, typical corporate America type.

  2. That’s what I thought as well. Running the Red Cross like a corporation, cutting workers, skimping on everything but PR. Didn’t Elizabeth Dole once run it?

  3. alby says:

    Remember the story a week or two ago about the crumbling NCCo sewer main, the one where divers had to enter a sewage-filled 7-foot-diameter pipeline looking for the broken section?

    That’s what sampling conservative media is like, except no hazmat suit:

  4. Jason330 says:

    “While the scale of the attack in Las Vegas on Sunday night is unparalleled, it wasn’t the only mass shooting to occur in the US that day.

    Some 13,000 miles away in Lawrence, just outside the University of Kansas in Kansas, two men and a woman were killed and a further two people injured in a mass shooting incident.

    While none of the three victims were students at the university, all were in their early twenties, with one of the young men recently having become a father, according to the local press.”