50 Killed, 200 Wounded in Most Recent Mass Shooting

Filed in National by on October 2, 2017

What is there to say? Terrible. Horrible. But Americans… even murderous Americans…need easy access to guns and ammo, because otherwise tyranny. On and on. Guns

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  1. The lethality of the fire was within the range of assault weapons, according to the FBI.

    Don’t know if he was targeting those at the music festival, but the fest featured a pretty down-the-middle country music lineup:


  2. Turns out that, in Nevada, you can buy as much ammo as you want, you can bring it to a hotel, and roll it up to your room in a suitcase.

    Hey, 2nd Amendment rights, pipples.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Copy check that headline. I believe you meant killed and “wounded”.

    On substance Jason & El Some are correct. People don’t want rationality and safety and civility. They want what they want. And don’t tell them the truth. They don’t care. Don’t explain anything they don’t already agree with. It won’t help.

  4. puck says:

    There is audio that definitely sounds like an automatic weapon.

  5. Up to 406 wounded.

  6. Arthur says:

    The irony of the NRA and the gun lovers is that the guy was shooting into a crowd of NRA and gun lovers

  7. There’s a similar pattern here with the Pettyjohn story.

    Wonder if a ‘law-abiding’ African-American or a ‘law-abiding’ Muslim could smuggle a huge amount of military weaponry into a Las Vegas hotel room.

    Actually, I don’t wonder at all.

  8. alby says:

    If those concert-goers had been armed, they could have defended themselves the way the founders intended.

  9. drl2 says:

    A country concert in an open carry state – surely there were hundreds of good guys with guns who could have gone into action-hero mode and stopped this before it got out of hand.

  10. mouse says:

    We live in a mentally ill culture

  11. alby says:

    Yeah, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with 19 guns, including a machine gun, is a good guy with 19 guns, including a machine gun.

    See, if more people in the crowd had carried with them their high-powered rifles with sniper scopes, we wouldn’t have 58 people dead.

  12. mouse says:

    Yeah, it was fake news anyway and didn’t really happen. There will be some guy on talk radio with all the details of the scam