Open Thread For September 29, 2017

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Classless Sam Guy Announces Sen. Henry’s Retirement. As if he thinks announcing he’ll run earlier than anybody else makes him the favorite. Wouldn’t even wait for Sen. Henry to make the announcement for herself. He is a Total Asshole. He also will not be the next Senator in SD 2.

Price Will Reimburse, Oh, About 11% Of Cost Of Charter Flights. He’ll pay for ‘his seat’. As if the flights would have flown had he not ordered them up for himself.  Methinks ‘his seat’ is out the door sooner than later. BTW, he’s now spent over $1 mill of taxpayers’ money on trips.  Zinke and Pruett next?

Of Course Trump Would Benefit From His Tax Plan.  Here are just a few of the ways.

Puerto Rico: It’s The Media’s Fault. Thus sayeth King Cheeto.  Fake pictures of total devastation, no doubt.

Nestle Pays $200 A Year To Bottle Water Near Flint–Where Water Is Undrinkable. Pristine water for the multinational corporation, none for Flint residents.

The ‘Mona Lisa Presidency’. A triumph of images over words?

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    Didn’t the CEO of Nestle claim that citizens have no “right” to drinking water?

  2. While I’ll do more analysis on SD 2 at another time, I’ll tease you with this tidbit: I believe that better than half of the registered voters in the district reside outside the City of Wilmington. In fact, the single largest RD by registration in SD 2 is the 16th, currently represented by the also-retiring JJ Johnson. It is far from a guarantee that the new senator will be from Wilmington.

  3. chris says:

    HHS Sec. Tom Price should be FIRED at the end of today…Friday afternoon news dump. Drain the swamp of these hypocrites.

    There will be lots of entrants in that State Senate race to replace Sen. Henry.
    To use an old wrestling term, let the battle royal begin.

  4. Yeah, let’s see if Herman the Lesser resurfaces. He was perhaps the ONLY D who could have lost to Margaret Rose Henry in the Special Election after Herman Holloway, Sr. passed away.

    And lose he did. Twice. At which point MRH switched parties to D and denied Myrna Bair her dream of becoming President Pro Tem.

  5. chris says:

    Junior is long in the tooth. His political days are done.

  6. Paul Hayes says:

    Cheeto’s defenders now say (Hugh Hewitt) that the reason for the slow roll out of federal relief for Puerto Rico is explained by, get this, Donald Trump’s learning style preferences. “Trump learns about stuff by watching TV. Pics for TV were not available immediately, in fact, not for days.” Now that the prez has seen the TV visuals, OF COURSE he has now ordered the feds to “MOVE OUT”. I can’t make this up.

  7. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    Let all that is good in this world unite to prevent Sam Guy the Grifter from becoming a State Senator.

    Just a question though does anyone – anyone – at the “Party” or in the Senate Dems Caucus or among the State’s Powers That Be have a plan to retain D control of the Senate and populate it with, um I don’t know, people who aren’t straight up criminals? Or are we just going to roll the dice and hope it all works out? Or are we all too busy cranking up a primary against Greg LaVelle for the chance to be drubbed by him come November? smh

    Who is running for AG? Someone should have announced by now…

  8. Well, the Henry seat is as safe a D seat as can possibly be. So is Bob Marshall’s SD 3–even if Marshall either retires or loses in a primary. The Lavelle seat could be interesting, if the D’s field a strong candidate as appears likely. Probably the biggest threat to continued D control of the Senate would come if Sen. Bruce Ennis cannot finish out his term. And I wonder whether the Lopez seat could be competitive if there’s enough fallout from his affair and marital difficulties, although I think he’s popular enough to survive. I REALLY wish the D’s would target Bonini, but the Kent County D Party is moribund, which it shouldn’t be.

    As to AG, yeah, I thought that someone might have announced by now. But there’s a lot of jockeying going on.

  9. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    Right El, but I worry about the quality of the Dems in there.

  10. Of course. At least you needn’t worry about Sam Guy. He’s not gettin’ in.

  11. chris says:

    Theres a D primary against Lavelle I heard…Laura Sturgeon versus Dan Cruce. I think Cruce filed. But Sturgeon has lots of heavyweights behind her (Blevins, Peterson, etc)