Open Thread For September 27, 2017

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Delaware Among Nation’s Leaders IN STD’s.  This article is a mess, BTW. While it may not be a surprise that rates are rising, the article doesn’t answer the question: Why are rates rising in Delaware more rapidly? And then there’s this:

This fall, the state’s Division of Public Health plans to ramp up its sexually transmitted infections lab, partly by outsourcing its newborn baby screenings to a private company.

In other words, funding for our lab is insufficient, so we’ll pay more to outsource this public health problem. Good job, Carny.

Acting DEA Head Resigns, Citing Trump’s Lack Of Commitment To Rule Of Law.  Served both Bush and Obama. Wants nothing to do with Trump.

Puerto Rico Being Treated Like A Colony.  This is unconscionable.  Hey, it’s a ‘very big ocean’.

An Example Of Trump’s Inhumanity Towards Puerto Rico.  Denies request to waive outdated shipping requirement. Would have brought desperately needed supplies to PR quicker.  Granted waivers for both Harvey and Irma.

How Bankruptcy System Disproportionately Screws Black Debtors.  And, yes, paternalistic southern lawyers are among the villains. Great reporting from Pro Publica and The Atlantic.

 How Monsanto Sowed The (Genetically-Modified) Seeds Of A Permanent Grain Glut.  Intriguing article. Feed your head.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. Andy says:

    Could the ride in STDs be tied to the Heroin epidemic

  2. alby says:

    We’re not hearing more about Puerto Rico because the media can’t get in or get the news out.

    When it does you’ll see a crisis that makes Katrina look like the church picnic, and it’s not the sort of situation that will be solved by rallying around Trump any more than rallying around Bush helped during Katrina.

    I have little doubt that hundreds are dead, and thousands ultimately will die as long as power stays out. That would take some time to fix even with competent leadership, which we don’t have. This, conservatives, is when you need a functioning government, which we also don’t have.

    This is the crisis that people warned Trump wasn’t prepared to deal with. Buckle up.

  3. mouse says:

    They need to be careful with this Tranperfect thing. If we scare away the corporate crooks, we’re doomed.