Open Thread For September 24, 2017

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Trump Targets Black Athletes With Minds Of Their Own.  Demands NFL owners fire players who kneel during National Anthem or face boycott. Does same for NBA stars. The man is certifiable and a certifiable racist. BTW, you know what sport is really dying? That bastion of white southern fans, NASCAR.  Oh, and Trump’s favorite. golf.

How Conservatives Learned To Love Free Legal Aid To The Poor.  Hint: Does the word ‘guns’ mean anything to you? Still, a fascinating development.

Why Trump Feels The Need To Comment On EverythingHe hates the actual work of governing.

How Nestle Makes Millions By Marketing Michigan Water.  Takes water from economically-depressed areas with lax regulations.  One of the world’s most evil multinational corporations.

Does Anyone Know What Happened At Edison Charter? Salome Thomas-El seems like exactly the kind of educator/role model we need.  Was he really removed for fighting for his teachers? Somebody needs to look at this Charter’s board.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. jason330 says:

    Looks like (in addition to thoroughbred and harness racing) Delaware tax payers are going to have to prop up another failing, but well connected, enterprise as Nascar runs out of gas.

  2. puck says:

    The revelation that the FBI wiretapped Paul Manafort may be the basis of Trump’s claim last March that Obama was spying on him in Trump Tower:

    For supporters of the president — and most casual consumers of news — the distinction is immaterial between a court order targeting the president-elect and a court order under which the president’s communications may have been collected incidentally.

    “That lack of understanding of the granularity is exactly what the president and his supporters are counting on,” said Pat Eddington, a surveillance policy expert at the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute.

    If it turns out that any of Manafort’s communications with the president were collected at Trump Tower — which is possible given that he had an apartment in the building — “then the whole story is, ‘it’s happening every time, all the time, and I told you so,’” Shedd said.

    But that argument is specious, he said. “Trump is only the other half of the conversation by coincidence. Obviously Manafort called people, so of course there would be coverage of the other party.”

    That said – does this mean that some mole in the FBI leaked the news of the Manafort wiretap to Trump? And is that leaker still on the job?

  3. Paul Hayes says:

    Jason. I agree with your comment. Cutting 300 million from public education while supporting NASCAR. Deplorable. They have wrested control of the state’s piggy bank for the benefit of the privileged few. NASCAR and other privileged interests, get your hands out of my god-damned pockets.

  4. JTF says:

    Colin O’Marras wife is running for Governor of Maryland. He runs a nonprofit in DC. He says he lives in Delaware. What gives? This is going to be another LBR situation….