More Black Women Are Realizing That the Democratic Party Is Full of Shit, New Poll Finds

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Not my headline, although I wish I wrote it. The Democratic Party has experienced an 11 percent drop in support from black women, that’s headline worthy. But it isn’t just black women. The country is waking up to the fact that the DLC-Clintonomics-Banks First-Democratic Party, is full of shit. How else can you explain people voting for dotard carnival barker, Donald J Trump?

Sadly this article strays into the reductive nonsense that frames any conflict within the Democratic Party as a conflict between “white working class” and the non-white – when in fact the factions are the John Carney, Tom Carper, Chris Coons, Clintonite 1%ers versus (literally) everyone else.


The Democratic Party has experienced an 11 percent drop in support from black women, while “the percentage of black women who said neither party represents them jumped from 13 percent in 2016 to 21 percent in 2017,” according to the 2017 Power of the Sister Vote poll, conducted by the Black Women’s Roundtable, an intergenerational public policy network, in partnership with Essence magazine.

The poll results were revealed Wednesday during the Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

The brilliant Avis Jones-DeWeever made it clear that 53 years after Mississippi freedom fighter Fannie Lou Hamer cried the words, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” more black women in the United States are ready to take on the white savior of political parties: the Democrats.

As I’ve written previously, the Democratic Party is hell-bent on coddling the so-called white working class—as if these particular poor white folks who voted for Donald Trump aren’t just economically frustrated white supremacists—instead of focusing on and building with disenfranchised and oppressed communities who have remained doggedly loyal despite being taken for granted and advantage of time and time again.

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  1. Andy says:

    They’re going to build a Transit Center in Wilmington Time for the Trades to recruit apprentices from in the City and push for any project agreements to include a percentage of the work force be city residents .
    Be a good concept for the Democrats to push for also

  2. alby says:

    While I personally wouldn’t prioritize some of the black women’s caucus issues over economic ones, I would still rather support people who want to fight for those issues over the current leaders, who are DINOs are unwilling to fight for anything but the votes of supposedly switchable white-shoe Republicans.

    I don’t know who our Dems use for polling purposes, but they must be hearing that people want someone who’ll cross the aisle and work together. Of course, to hear that, they have to be asked that, so I ask again: Who does the polling for the Democrats, and why don’t they switch to a pollster who’ll ask about issues instead of process?

  3. jason330 says:

    How can a willingness to “cross the aisle and work together” even be considered a virtue among Democrats? To work with a party that even John McCain can’t work with? Who thinks that can work in the country’s best interest? Apparently Black women increasingly don’t think it.

  4. alby says:

    Politicians don’t talk to regular people much. Outside of their staff and colleagues, they mainly talk to, in descending order of importance to the politician, contributors, lobbyists, business people, non-profit bigwigs and political activists. To hear what regular people think they rely on pollsters.

    If the pollster asks, “Should politicians in Washington put aside their partisan differences and work together for the good of the country?” how many people do you think answer “no”? In political polling, unless you’re looking for actual data, your questions determine your answers.

    The politicians can point to this as the rationale for keeping the status quo, except for when one of the groups above asks for something. In descending order of importance, of course.

    Also, too, Delaware has the nation’s highest proportion of self-described moderates, meaning people who don’t give a fuck.

  5. RE Vanella says:

    Nina Turner is a BernieBro, so…


  6. bamboozer says:

    I think we all feel the same way to some extent, that the party no longer cares about or represents us and is owned by the same big money interests that the Republicans serve. In a two party system the question becomes how do we change it and is it even possible in a political arena where money transcends all other concerns.

  7. Paul Hayes says:

    All of which raises an interesting question, when neither party in Delaware represents the interests of the voters, what behaviors are then legitimized in the struggle for a government to represent the masses? Forget about making money illegal in politics. Why would the privileged ever vote to change a system that favors themselves already. So the answer is not in ideas for legislation, i.e. constitutional amendment. No the masses need to avail themselves of behaviors that might otherwise be considered illegal.

  8. jason330 says:

    Like what? I’m seriously asking. If it is time for direct action, what actions get to the 1%ers in a way that gets their attention?