McCain’s No Vote Statement is Actually Pretty Good

Filed in National by on September 22, 2017

He appears to be the one guy in the GOP who puts the best interest of the country ahead of the corrupt interest of the Republican Party.


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  1. puck says:

    McCain is only sporadically the conscience of the Republican party. ACA repeal is a tax cut play, and remember McCain actually voted against the Bush tax cuts in 2000, saying they were tilted too much to the rich. Of course, then in 2008 McCain ran on making those Bush tax cuts permanent, so there’s that.

    The conscience of the Democratic party, however, isn’t even a Democrat.

  2. Maybe it’s those putative Democrats w/no consciences who aren’t Democrats.

    The ‘D’ label, for the most part, is false advertising.

  3. Jim C says:

    Alright John McCain, POW’s 2, POS’s 0