Open Thread For September 19, 2017

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Meet The New Health Care Bill. As Bad As The Other Health Care Bills.   How bad? This bad. They’re Rethugs. What did you expect?

Kollege Kid Karma: Trump Dickwad Tried To Get Classmate Deported. Got his white supremacist ass thrown out of school instead.  Has a career path as a Rethug demagogue ahead of him.

Anyone Else Reading These Abramson Tweets On The Trump Investigation?  If not, you should. Real time analysis on  every single development by a law professor.  He considers yesterday to be a seminal day.  BTW, he now believes Trump will be impeached.

Another Charter Schools Scam: ‘Convert’ To Private Schools, Collect Voucher Funding.  Already happening in five states. Can Delaware be far behind?

Ever Heard Of Jeff Merkley? A progressive alternative to Bernie and Liz? Maybe. He was the first Senator to endorse Bernie.

Claymont…Or Brooklyn? Only one of the many challengers for Amazon.  Thinly-veiled excuse for yet another Steely Dan clip (RIP Walter Becker):


How Rethugs Deep-Sixed Political Norms.  Newt was the father.

What do you want to talk about.

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  1. alby says:

    Re: Abramson tweets. This gives the GOP an even tighter deadline to wreak its havoc. Manafort’s indictment, when it happens, will probably increase the number of people who believe that this is an illegitimate presidency, which will make getting stuff through Congress even harder.

    The GOP is in a truly unenviable position: They have to pass bad laws because they promised to do so, most likely thinking they’d never have to actually do any of it because they never expected to control both houses of Congress and the presidency. Their problem is that they have to sound atavistic to win their primaries, but if they actually pass those laws they’ll pay for it in general elections.

    Right now, GOP senators are worried about just one thing: Can a Trumper defeat them in a primary? That’s why they’re so worried about getting something, anything, passed, who cares what’s in it, just give us a win. If — still a big if — they pass this Obamacare repeal, they will be in even worse shape with everyone except Trumpers.

    It will be interesting to see how McCain plays this. Let’s face it, re-election is off the table for him. Whatever he does now is his legacy. Will he really want his legacy to be the destruction of health care law? I’m skeptical he does.

  2. Arthur says:

    The vouchers will be the second biggest opportunity to steal tax dollars. Charter schools will become private; diploma mills like red lion Christian school will pop up on every corner;

  3. alby says:

    I’m puzzled by the use of the phrase “diehard Trump supporters” by the media. I’ve seen the pictures. Most are of an age where dying shouldn’t be hard at all.

  4. Jim C says:

    Massachusetts sues Equifax, why not DE as well. If anyone has a direct number to the AG’s office, could you please let me know? I called the Wilmington office and followed a phone thread down to a place to to report bank fraud. Not sure that’s the right place? Here’s some of the Reuters report:

    (Reuters) – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against credit reporting firm Equifax Inc (EFX.N) following a breach that exposed the personal data of as many as 143 million people, including 3 million in the state.

    “… Equifax knew about the vulnerabilities in its system for months, but utterly failed to keep the personal information of nearly three million Massachusetts residents safe from hackers,” said Healey said in a statement.

    “… Equifax needs to pay for its mistakes, make our residents whole, and fix the problem so it never happens again,” Healey added.

  5. mouse says:

    Die old white trash die!

  6. AG Denn has already done the following:

    Pretty sure he’ll be taking further action going forward.

  7. Jim C says:

    Thanks, El Som, was that released to and covered by WNJ? Is something I could sign up for to become more informed?

  8. Yes, it was covered by the press at the end of last week. The site I linked to is from the AG’s office, and it’s their press release.

    Denn and Biden have both joined with other AG’s throughout the country to take on some of these big issues. Predecessor Jane Brady never did.

  9. mouse says:

    Fucking democrat cowards almost all voted to add another 50 billion to the all you can eat at the beltway bandit Pentagon party

  10. alby says:

    As noted earlier, neither side in Washington gets it yet. The only message they understand is when an incumbent loses in a primary.

  11. Looks like this latest Obamacare vote is gonna be real close. Once again, John McCain is in the crosshairs, as is Murkowski. No CBO estimate, no ‘normal order’. Oh, and the result will be, in addition to all the other disasters, a transfer of money from states that signed up for Obamacare to the states that didn’t.

  12. A focus on the centrist DEM “blind spots” Clinton shares with our Delaware DLCers –

    “One quote in What Happened neatly sums up Clinton’s political worldview and its disastrous limits.

    “I do think it’s fair to say there was a fundamental mismatch between how I approach politics and what a lot of the country wanted to hear in 2016,” she writes near the end of the book. “When people are angry and looking for someone to blame, they don’t want to hear your 10-point plan to create jobs and raise wages. They want you to be angry, too.”

    That says it all. After a career built on steadfastly upholding the status quo, Clinton didn’t share the anger of the people she sought to govern, because, to her, the state of the U.S. is not something to be angry about. Even as she criss-crossed the country talking with veterans and moms and immigrants, their problems were never her problems. As her fellow Americans continue to lose their jobs and homes and fall into medical debt and struggle with opioid addictions, the system Clinton has for years fought to keep intact is humming along just fine. The fact that racism, militarism, inequality, and religious fundamentalism pervade this country, or that poor people are being consumed by the gears of our economy and left exhausted in its dust, is not something to get “angry” about. In Clinton’s words, “It’s always been thus.””

  13. Truth Teller says:

    That is not her point, and you know it.

    Her point is that people were angry and that, instead of expressing her understanding by showing anger herself, she released 10 point plans for solving each problem. She realizes in retrospect that people don’t want reasoned plans, just emotion.

  14. jason330 says:

    Truth Teller assumes not expressing anger was a strategic choice. It wasn’t. The voter’s anger was anger at the Clintonism itself. It was at NAFTA, globalization, the deregulation of the financial industry. That is not hard to understand, unless you are trying to misunderstand it.

    Hillary Clinton could no more express anger at those things which define her worldview, than she could be mad at her own reflection in the mirror.

  15. alby says:

    It might not be her point, but it is THE point. Hillary’s team pushed back by saying “America is already great!” which, you might notice, is not the mood of the country — and as Nancy noted, isn’t true, either.

    This is the problem exactly: The Democratic-voting managerial class sees nothing wrong, because they are not bearing the brunt of the policies they have made peace with. They have a seat in the game of musical chairs that is modern America, and so they don’t understand why everyone isn’t enjoying the tunes.