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The time is coming where we have to make a choice: Is healthcare a human right, or is it a privilege. If we decide it is a human right, then we must make it so everyone is covered at an affordable rate, for both the consumer and the insurers. Will that include multiple changes in our current system? Absolutely.


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  1. stan merriman says:

    I have signed the petition but this campaign must address the huge challenge of building a base of physicians who accept Medicaid, woefully less generous than private insurance or even Medicare reimbursement; most physicians avoid Medicaid like the plague. Likewise, Hospitals, particularly the non-county/government owned hospitals, are not geared in their operating costs to the realities of very low Medicaid reimbursement. These are access/availability issues that have to be addressed in a huge way, up front, before the idea is tanked by the opposition.

  2. alby says:

    “These are access/availability issues that have to be addressed in a huge way, up front, before the idea is tanked by the opposition.”

    Who do you see as “the opposition”? The health-care players, or the GOP, or racist voters? Because all three will be against single-payer

    Beyond that, this constant worry about what the opposition will do and how we’re going to counter it is self-defeating Clintonism, born of Bill’s compulsive pandering to the masses.

    The opposition will oppose you no matter what you do. Hillary had a hundred position papers on every problem facing the country, and outside of her campaign not a person in America could tell you what any of those positions were.

    People want solutions that are broad and simple — at least they do when they enter the voting booth. “Medicare for All” fits the bill right now.

  3. stan merriman says:

    We’re talking Medicaid here, Alby, not Medicare. Two very different things when it comes to reimbursement for providers.

  4. stan merriman says:

    From the Delaware Dept. of Health:

    Medicaid Reimbursement
    Rate Analysis
    Comparison of
    Reimbursement Rates
    As shown in the
    following table
    , Delaware Medicaid reimbursement rates for the
    top ten
    codes are approximately 67% of the Medicare national rates. The Delaware Medicaid rates
    higher than the NJ Medicaid rates, similar to the Pennsylvania Medicaid rates and
    70% of the
    Maryland Medicaid rates.
    : Delaware Medicaid
    Reimbursement Rate Comparison

  5. Rusty Dils says:

    It’s a privilege, but at least you are starting to ask. Big improvement.

  6. alby says:

    No, it’s not a privilege. The law says so. If you arrive at a hospital ER they have to treat you whether you can pay or not. Look it up, you mouth-breathing moron.

    But at least you’re now willing to admit that your position is that your wealth should determine your access to health care. Admitting you’re a heartless piece of shit is the first step toward climbing out the toilet.

  7. Rusty Dils says:

    Don’t sugar coat it like that Alby, tell me straight!

  8. Rusty Dils says:

    P.S. Ably, using course language and calling people you disagree with names does not make your wrong position right. The question was, is health care a right or privilege. There is much,much,much,much,much more to health care than not legally being able to be denied care at an ER. Much more. And to get it in most cases you have to buy it. Hence, Health Care is not a right. It is Not listed as a right in the Constitution, is it? Which means I am right and you, as usual, are wrong.

  9. alby says:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Do you even understand the document? Do you read all the amendments, or do you stop after two?

    As to your assertion that there is “much more to health care” than being treated at the emergency room, I suppose you’re referring to non-emergency care. Let’s see if you can understand this: The people who come in when they’re really sick, or even just think they are, are getting care at the highest per-visit or per-hour rate in the system. Wait, you know what? You’re too stupid to understand any of this, or you would know it already, so I’m not going to bother. Suffice it to say that Obamacare was the best health care program conservative minds could construct to keep all the private players whole. The alternative is the pre-ACA chaos, when premiums went up by double digits every year and health-care costs soared year over year — which is what to expect when every private player involved is tacking on their profit.

    But you don’t understand anything about health care except that you have to pay for it. All this other stuff, all this waste and inefficiency, go on in places you can’t see it, so that little shitwads like you can pretend that all is well in whatever corner of Bumbugger you live in.

    As for your inability to deal with my language and bad attitude, well, fuck you, you entitled little snowflake.

  10. Rusty Dils says:

    Hm Alby, I wonder how I was able to write a book that was related to health care, since I know nothing about it. That’s a mystery.

  11. john kowalko says:

    Hm Alby. I wonder how I am able to write a book about self-absorbed idiots since I know nothing about Rusty Dils.
    Representative Kowalko

  12. alby says:

    Writing a book isn’t a sign of knowing something. Every conservative moron with a TV show has written a slew of them.

    As for your efforts, it takes a truly ignorant man to think he can solve even one of the world’s problems, let alone all of them. Your delusions are just that.

    This is a particular problem with thick-necked Southerners who, never having met an intelligent person, often mistake themselves for one.

  13. Rusty Dils says:

    Yes Alby, writing a book is a sign of knowing something. (By definition you have to know “something” to write a book)
    No Alby, it takes a very smart man to think he can solve one of the world’s problems.
    And finally, you are inferring I am a Southerner. People from the Southwest are not considered Southerners. (Ask anybody that has lived here) So, you are batting 1000 at being wrong. Pretty soon you will catch up with Jason. What else you got?

  14. alby says:

    No, you don’t have to know anything to write a book. There are thousands of them like yours — self-published waste of paper. So strike one.

    No, it takes a stupid man to think he can solve the world’s problems. The smarter a person is, the more he knows how little he knows. Strike two.

    No, being from the “southwest” does not make you anything but a Southron. The Southwest was settled by the scum of the South. Strike three, you’re out.