Open Thread For September 9, 2017

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Mueller Tightens The Screws. Seeks to interview current and former WH aides, including at least two Trump tortured (Priebus, Spicer).  Asked to choose between loyalty and prison, the choice will be easy. BTW, here’s why Mueller wants Hope Hicks to testify.

Chief Of Staff Kelly: My Way Or The Highway.  I found this fascinating. Inside baseball enthusiasts will lap this up. He’s, to borrow a Gene Mauch phrase, ‘adding by subtracting’.  Perhaps the least happy camper? Omarosa.

Equifax Breach Possibly The Worst Ever.  The company’s response? Despicable and criminal. Including dumping stock before notifying the public. This is serious. Read this piece if you’ve got the nerve.

If Hurricane Irma Slams Florida’s Wealthiest Communities, They’ve Rigged The System To Get Most Of The Aid.  One of the likeliest beneficiaries? King Cheeto.

China To Ban Sale Of Fossil Fuel Cars.  While Trump places bets on coal and oil, China builds an economy based on technological advances.

Yes, There Is A Pro-Clinton Propaganda Site. Why It Will Fail.  Their boogeyman? Bernie Sanders.  BTW, Hillary is charging $2000 each for VIP tickets to her book tour.

What do you want to talk about?



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  1. jason330 says:

    Peter Daou must be the stupidest 1%er outside of the Trump administration:

    “The presumption behind Verrit is that conservative media are winning the battle of ideas because they’re hoodwinking readers with lies, and lies can be debunked. Show them a verified statistic (Fact: “More Than One-Fifth of US Students Report Being Bullied”) or quote (Fact: “JFK Chided Those Who Maintain Neutrality in Times of Moral Crisis”), and their whole worldview will crumble.

    But conservative media like Fox and Breitbart don’t succeed because they lie, they succeed because they push an ideological agenda. Their message may be flexible with facts, but is consistent in its overarching vision, as well as with the agenda of the Republican Party. And this works because, as political scientists Matt Grossmann and David Hopkins write in their book Asymmetric Politics, the Republican Party is defined by ideology.”

  2. Paul Hayes says:

    I have long thought that “out of the blue” the three credit scoring “agencies” have enjoyed an ultra-protected status. Consumers have no practical recourse or defense against them. Surely this violates our sense of “checks and balances”. Now this breach. And selling their stock? Can anyone tell me why anyone should entrust authority to these “crews”?

  3. Paul Hayes says:

    Re: Jason’s comment. The folks in the “fly-over” states had better get used to the idea that America’s cities are vibrant hubs of culture. All of it. They are dynamic, useful, adaptive, and energetic. If the American Taliban (Christians) cared to observe, they would see that there is NO way “conservatives” will dictate cultural standards to these incredible hives of forward-looking activity.

  4. puck says:

    Hillary please stop while I still have some respect for you.

  5. bamboozer says:

    I’m with Puck, Hilary give it up. And now for a little iconoclasm Joe Biden do the same.

  6. Agreed on both counts.