High School Football is Awesome – Let’s make sure it is safe

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There is nothing like a high school football game between well matched public school rivals. The excitement, pageantry and community cannot be matched. Last’s nights game between Middletown and Smyrna was an amazing event that leveraged the energies and enthusiasm of students from scores of school actives, with a breathtaking range of talents. Simply put – I’m a fan.

But it MUST be safe and perceived as safe in order to survive, or it deserves to die.

So here is my plan for Delaware to lead the nation by phasing in these rule changes over the next 5 years. Think of it as the Rugby-ization of football (based in part on the Chicago Tribune Article):

-No face masks (eventually no helmets)
-Enlarged the ball to make it difficult to throw,
-All teams play one platoon, all players play both sides of the ball.
-Pull down tackles only, full speed hits are illegal.


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  1. alby says:

    Sorry, but there’s little doubt at this point that football causes cognitive impairment in a substantial subset of its players, even in high school. They haven’t suspended football while they look for a way to make it safe.

    My tax money is supposedly going to improve their brains, not damage them. No tax money for football.

    The idea that they are doing this to provide entertainment for the community, including its adults, puts this into the category of child labor, yet another reason to relegate football to a club activity.

  2. jason330 says:

    I agree, and added my suggestions while you were commenting.

  3. Paul Hayes says:

    Why should taxpayers subsidize football in public schools? Money it very tight. Football is extra-curricular. How many curricular programs will be cut before this extra-curricular cowbird?

  4. alby says:

    In addition to its other problems, football probably has the most racist fans, with the exceptions of golf and NASCAR.


  5. jason330 says:

    I think of High School football as a different animal than the NFL. No doubt, the NFL is in deep trouble, for a host of good reasons.

  6. Arthur says:

    All extra curricular activities should be participated funded.

    Tackle football should be banned.

    Professional football should be shut down. It’s proven to propagate serial assulters

  7. It won’t be outsiders who ‘shut down’ football.

    It starts with parents who decide not to allow their kids to play, and it’s already starting as participation numbers are down.

  8. alby says:

    “All extra curricular activities should be participated funded.”

    I strongly disagree. Many are shown to improve academic performance. Many students would not be able to engage in those activities if they were not offered in public school. Baby. Bathwater.

  9. Arthur says:

    Studies also show academic performance goes up for kids in stable 2 parent families.

  10. The Delaware Donald says:

    Might as well play football, none of these kids are learning anything. Delaware schools are a DISGRACE.

  11. Maci says:

    Like your idea – it’s called rugby.

  12. alby says:

    @Arthur: Actually they show that performance is most strongly related to economic indicators, which is why kids from two-parent families do better.

    More to the point, a music program is within our ability for funding; forcing couples to stay together is not. As you well know.