Open Thread For September 7, 2017

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Russians Used Facebook To Target Clinton.  Used bots to buy targeted propaganda.  Facebook denied it until…yesterday.  WaPo reporter says it’s the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Trump Deals With D’s.  Dems celebrate. He. Cannot. Be. Trusted. D’s are stepping into the spider’s web.

How And Why House Rethug Killed Funding For Climate Satellites.  Cliffs Notes: They were showing the impact of climate change, something that Alabama climate denier Rep. Mike Rogers just couldn’t have.

Dems Don’t Want Hillary’s ‘It’s Everybody Else’s Fault’ Tour.  It’s the last bleeping thing the Party needs.

Own A Private Jet And Escape Taxes.  Another blatant loophole as the wealthy once again escape from paying their fair share.

Denn: We Need Spending For Opioid Crisis Now! Lays out plan, calls for $4 mill to be transferred from ‘economic development (aka corporate handouts)’ to emergency treatment.  Didja know that the Center For Disease Control cites Delaware as leading the nation in per capita fentanyl overdose deaths? You do now.

Council Members Stall NCC Capital Projects.  Hold projects hostage in exchange for paramedic station location.  Those below-the-canal council members have the same mentality as the old guard Sussex County Democratic legislators had back in the ’80’s. Obstructionism rules. Shades of Charlie West.

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. The Delaware Donald says:

    Upcoming GOP scandal, GOP party leader’s nude pics and fun with a family member.

  2. alby says:

    From the article on Hillary’s book tour:

    “People will be giving her a second hearing,” predicted Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.). “And given the way the fella’s performing in the White House, people are having buyer’s remorse.”

    He is wrong on every particular. Her approval rating is, according to the article, at 30%, which is lower than Trump’s.

  3. alby says:

    @DD: I notice you still haven’t explained why DACA is “unconstitutional.” What happened, you didn’t get the email with the talking points explained? Maybe this is why:

    “Mr. Sessions argued Tuesday that the Trump administration was forced to end DACA after the Justice Department found the program unconstitutional. Yet what did the attorney general mean by that? His public statements provide few details beyond pointing to general concerns about presidential overreach into an area of congressional authority and citing a court ruling against President Barack Obama’s would-be extension of DACA to parents of U.S. citizens. Which actions does the Justice now believe Mr. Trump is constitutionally prohibited from taking?”

    So I suppose you won’t be answering until he does.

  4. chris says:

    Carper’s statement on Hillary is delusional and ludicrous. This is the same Senator that was singing “she works hard for the money” in Wlmington during the 600K Goldman speech scandal (and she wouldn’t release the transcripts) before folks had to awkwardly yank Tom from the stage….. Classic! Can’t make this stuff up.

    And now Hillary’s blaming Bernie for stuff? Why can’t our Senators just say she ran a bad campaign. She started trying to expand the map to Ga and Arizona, while she took the rust belt and Midwest for granted. Losses in Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and almost lost Minnesota.

  5. The answer is simple. They’re a buncha Third Way Dinos. Nobody embraced Bill Clinton’s approach more than Carper. Get in bed with the corporations, bank lotsa cash, elect like-minded Dinos to office.

    They’re now afraid of losing the Party apparatus. Hence, Hillary’s Pity Party Tour, blaming everybody but her and the multinational corporations that flooded the ol’ coffers of the Clinton Clan.

  6. Ben says:

    If they admit the real reason she lost, it will undermine their plan to force Cory Booker on us with the exact same platform.

  7. puck says:

    Hillary is just trying to juice her book sales.

  8. alby says:

    Yeah, I’m sure she needs the money. Funny how little Goldman Sachs will pay for a speech by someone with no future in setting policy.

  9. Paul Hayes says:

    It’s immoral to use someone’s sexual foibles for political gain. Sex is an area of life that this culture simply does not handle responsibly. We’re all one move away from humiliation.

  10. Jason330 says:

    Trump says Dreamers don’t have anything to worry about… for the next 6 months.


  11. Now, that you mention it, Paul, another troll (or…perhaps the same troll?) put a similar prediction up here months ago. I’m officially on Troll Watch.

  12. john kowalko says:

    By my calculations JP Morgan can afford 16.6 Hillary speeches paid by Delaware taxpayer money alone. DuPont/Dow can buy about 20 H. C. inspirational talks. Sallie Mae can afford about 6 sessions. The list goes on and on. So if you’re looking for job and business creation from the Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate extortion/welfare extraction of taxpayer money (eagerly and equally supported by Republican and Democrat politicians alike) look no further than the opportunity for a newly created Clinton venture. Godamighty can you imagine all the hall-rental, catering and logistics support jobs that will be created if those motivational/inane speeches are scheduled for Delaware. Maybe that’s the criteria that the Governor can insist that his newly created (albeit extremely secretive) public/private job development include as a prerequisite for filling those greedy little corporate mitts with your money. Happy days are here again. Step right up to the (“$$$ buffet”) trough Chamber and friends. Your waitstaff for the evening will be a bi-partisan group of dedicated (to their reelection?) legislators and your meal will be creatively crafted by the improved and freshly funded son of DEDO. Sponsors of the event include the 5,000 seniors and poor who have gladly donated their pharmaceutical assistance money to help fund the activities, the local public school districts, teachers and students who are contributing an additional $36 million of their expected revenue this year and those poor wretches on General Assistance (cash money) who have historically received nearly $3 dollars per day until that item was removed from the budget. We could go on and on here crediting the 300,000 Delmarva ratepayers who are generous enough to pay $15million per year to subsidize private businesses such as Bloom. Next year those ratepayers may take heart in the fact that they will be able to each contribute an additional $120 per year when DP&L (re-birthed as EXELON) receive its recently applied for Gas and Electric infrastructure increases. No need to conclude with the standard politically ingratiating “God Bless America” he apparently already has blessed (Corporate) America and that blessing should trickle down any time now.
    Representative John Kowalko

  13. Dana says:

    Other than the news media which had to report it — and CNN admitted to buying a copy, not just receiving it in advance — everything in Mrs Clinton’s book of any importance has already come out in excerpts; there’s really no need to buy it now, unless you just want to meet her on her book tour, and get an autographed edition.

  14. alby says:

    @Dana: Picking at such scabs is what the media does; it’s easier than finding actual news. Why do you think they always stick mics in Republican senators’ faces and ask for reactions to whatever Trump just said/tweeted? The answers have no value as information, but plenty of value as outrage fodder.

  15. Dana says:

    Don’t know that it’s picking at scabs in this case: Mrs Clinton wrote and had that book published, so she opened herself up to be criticized for whatever is in it.

    I wonder if she’d be saying all of this stuff if she weren’t trying to make money by selling her book? I looked for information on advance sales, but couldn’t find any.

  16. alby says:

    “Mrs Clinton wrote and had that book published, so she opened herself up to be criticized for whatever is in it.”

    You’re missing the point. It amounts to gossip. The main value in it for the media is the provocation. The media’s game is best described as “Let’s you and him fight.”