Open Thread For September 5, 2017

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Russia CAN’T Have A Pee Trough of Compromising Trump Video…Can It? The most maligned part of the Steele dossier may just be true.

Guess Who Will Make The DACA Announcement.  No, not King Cheeto, he’s too cowardly. Instead, his racist AG who Trump dares not cross will step into the spotlight.

Study Funded By ‘Third Way’ Argues For More ‘Third Way’, Less Populism. Hey, the Chamber pulled off this BS in Delaware, who’s to say it won’t happen?

Trump’s BFF Leaving White House? Keith Schiller, Trump’s emotional ballast and hatchet man.  One thing Trump needs is emotional ballast.

Is South Korea’s Approach The Correct One? Makes more sense than Trump’s sabre-rattling.

Greatest Steely Dan Concert Ever?  London, 1974.  You can listen track-by-track.  Pretty damn amazing.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. alby says:

    You weren’t just imagining it: Most voters last November hated the other candidate more than they liked their own: