Open Thread For September 3, 2017

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Trump Leaving Trade Deal With South Korea?  The timing seems a little…curious, don’tchathink?

Feds Have Ignored Terrorist Threats From Right-Wing Extremists Forever.  Including, of course, allowing these nut jobs to arm themselves to the teeth.  Trump incites violence from them almost every time he opens his yap.

Guess Who Trump Wants To Head Up Mine Safety? If you guessed a coal executive with multiple violations, you’d be correct.

An Intriguing Ticket For Illinois Governor/Lt. Gov.? Grassroots vs. a Hyatt Hotel heir billionaire.

Weekend News Dump: DOJ Says That Trump Tower Wasn’t Wiretapped. With all those Russian billionaire ex-pats living there, maybe it should have been tapped.

Kushner As Big A Financial Screw-Up As The Trumps.  He’s going down. Not just legally, but financially. Who the bleep will lend him money now? Brilliantly-sourced, really cool graphics featuring lotsa red ink. A must-read.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. RE Vanella says:

    They’re doing it wrong again. From the NYT…

    Long List of Top Democrats Have 2020, and Money, on Their Minds

    Here are some choice bits:

    “Aides to Senator Kamala Harris of California say that her fund-raisers in Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons this summer have been all about helping Democrats in 2018.”

    “They are making their cases to wealthy donors, while spending briskly through political committees to pay staff members…”

    Two potential candidates are not keen to “grovel on Wall St” for money. Guess which two?*

    For those who simply cannot understand why we can’t all just come together. This is why we can’t all just come together. You can ignore it if that’s your jam. Just stock up on Kleenex.

    I’m going to shit on these clowns ceaselessly and, when Trump wins a second term, you can just blame me.


    *Elizabeth Warren is a BernieBro.

  2. puck says:

    I hope I don’t have to vote for Bernie again.

    Meaning, Bernie isn’t going to run unless the primary shapes up to be a clown car full of corporate centrists. We should all be working to prevent that from happening so that Bernie doesn’t have to run again.

    I’d rather see a younger Dem, but I hope Warren runs, if only so that when our Clintonbot friends anoint some Dem centrist guy, I can call them out for misogyny.

    Heather Heyer was a BernieBro.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Nina Turner… quintessential BernieBro.

  4. puck says:

    Well, specific ties to Bernie himself are not necessary. Warren is clearly on the same side ideologically and is better versed on the economics, but she keeps Bernie pretty much at arm’s length.

    Bernie’s actual 2016 campaign agenda was too simplistic, and needed a lot more thought to work out the funding side. But I would have been happy if we had only got part way toward Medicare for all, or free college, or $15 minimum wage, etc. Hell, I’d be happy if the only achievement was to name non-Wall Street Cabinet secretaries who also would fight for those issues in the regulatory space.

  5. Jason330 says:

    I really think Trump is spoiling for a war with North Korea. I wonder if he’ll use amazing negotiating skills to get Mexico to pay for it?

  6. Paul Hayes says:

    Puck “Warren is clearly on the same side ideologically and is better versed on the economics, but she keeps Bernie pretty much at arm’s length.” Is it fair to say that Elizabeth Warren is at arms length from everyone? From my perspective, she does not welcome allies. She senses she is alone. It is a little disturbing, actually to sense that about her. I believe everyone should be connected, have connections. Who are hers?

  7. puck says:

    Paul – it’s true that standing up to the elite can make you radioactive in the halls of power. It’s much easier to get along by going along. But we’ve had enough of that kind.

    Bernie’s Medicare for all bill will help sort out potential Dem candidates, at least those who are current Senators.