Open Thread For September 2, 2017

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Report Highlights Blatant Problems at Vaughn Center.  Oberly lays out what must be done.  I don’t think that more than a fraction of his proposals will take effect. If nothing else, Carney knows how to kick the can. And what better time to release the findings than on the Friday before Labor Day?

The Dreamers. What Will Trump Do? R opposition mounts to ending DACA. My prediction? Trump’s entire presidency is based on trying to eliminate Obama’s legacy. He’s a sick man. He’s gonna deep-six it. It’s one of the reasons he named Jeff Sessions AG.  Nobody hates DACA more than the racist at DOJ.

Sessions And Trump Lied About Why They Rolled Back Restrictions On Police Getting Military Equipment. Blatantly lied, in fact. Can’t remember whether it was Goebbels or Goering who said, ‘Tell the lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” That is the operative strategy of this administration and, well, the right-wing media.

Reality Or Reality TV? Kelly Stops Omarosa’s Access To President.  She used to rush in with incendiary news stories, putting Trump into ‘fuming mode’. I can’t make this stuff up.

The Arden Fair beckons, so I’m cutting this short.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. chris says:

    Look at all the old prison reports from a decade ago. NOTHING got implemented.
    A woman counselor got raped and Ruth Ann Miller delivered a snide comment about you expect those kinds of things to happen in prisons. Even in this case, the warnings and recommendations from the guards were blown off and a guy got killed.
    Needs major overhaul and funding commitment, but will unlikely happen. I think there were 170 staff openings unfilled earlier this summer. Ridiculous.
    Carney’s comment on the radio about this: we need more cameras inside . Brilliant!! Oh, that will solve the problems.

  2. Jason330 says:

    Fucking Omarosa. What a goddam shit show.