Open Thread For September 1, 2017

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ESPN Football Analyst Resigns, Citing ‘Carnage’ Of The Game.  Former NFL player Ed Cunningham says “But the real crux of this is that I just don’t think the game is safe for the brain. To me, it’s unacceptable.”

Texas’ Chemical Plants At Risk. This is what happens when you cut all that bureaucratic red tape.  Bryon Short and all Delaware Chamber lackeys take note.

D Congressman Shows Third Way True Stripes.  The guy who wanted to challenge Pelosi puckers up to corporate America. He’d feel right at home in Delaware.

Trump Cuts Obamacare Outreach Funding By 90%.  Yes, he’s trying to kill it.

The Foxes Guarding The Henhouses.  More great work from Pro Publica that will, or at least should, make your blood boil. Some more Trump ‘shadow’ appointments.

Millsboro Residents Oppose Mountaire Expansion. How much chickenbleep is too much chickenbleep?  Is the fix already in?

Why You Should Care About Ethylene, At Least A Little. The poly uses of ethylene are impacted by plant shutdowns in Gulf.

Trump To Dash Dreamers’ Hopes During Friday News Dump?  Hey, he doesn’t want to go against Jeff Sessions, now does he?

What do you want to talk about?



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  1. Ben says:

    Anyone wanna place bets on where Sheriff Clarke ends up? White house or Fox News….. I can see Dump trying to use his confirmation hearing to make another push at ending the filibuster, but Fox also pays better… Man, imagine a show with him and White Power Barbie just complaining at each other for an hour.

  2. Paul Hayes says:

    Perhaps the police in Philadelphia would prefer total silence when a member of the community is gunned down (shot in the back) to the current state in which members of the community are protesting a shooting of one of their own.

    The shooting amounts to an enforcement of aparteid in this country. Minorities are relegated to second class citizenship and they can either like it or die.

  3. Paul Hayes says:

    When Tim Ryan wins the Democratic leadership position in the US House, it’s over for the rest of us.

  4. Ben says:

    Pelosi can really gain back some progressive cred by swiping down this boot-licking little shit asap.

  5. Ben says:

    They do. But no one in a position to do anything about it cares.

  6. Paul Hayes says:

    On this date in 1939, German Nazis invaded Poland; World War II in Europe commenced.

  7. jason330 says:

    Luckily for the world a Democrat was in the White House.

  8. alby says:

    @Ben: No they don’t. Check the polling numbers on how many people support the police. Or just look at the results when one of these jerks is brought to court.

  9. puck says:

    “Support the police” has been perverted to mean “let the police get away with murder.”

  10. RE Vanella says:

    54% of whites think there is a broader problem. Majority, good. Now let’s commit to increasing this. Get people out of their own heads.