Open Thread For August 29, 2017

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Trump/Putin Link Incontrovertible.  There’s no doubt about it. Trump wanted to build the Moscow tower, and his aides sought to convince Putin that Trump could be President if the deal was consummated.  Oh, and Ivanka got to sit in Vlad’s chair.  And, yes, Trump himself signed ‘letter of intent’ to pursue project.

Texas Rethugs Change Tune On Disaster Funding. Screw everybody if it ain’t Texas,  but send us help now!  Of course they’re hypocrites. They’re Rethugs, Texas Rethugs at that.

White Supremacists Planned For Violence And, Yes, Running People Over Before Charlottesville.  Wonder if the Justice Department will pursue these thugs with the same enthusiasm they appear to be taking towards protestors at Trump’s inauguration…

Trump’s Most Popular Cabinet Member Is An Obama Holdover. VA Secretary David Shulkin.  Nobody else wanted the job.

North Korean Tensions Ratchet Up After Missile Flies Over Japan. Trump says all options on the table.  Wag the dog?

Megachurch Multimillionaire Minister Offers Prayer, Not Shelter, For Victims Of Harvey.  Not just tax-exampt, he wants it to be black-people-exempt as well.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    I think it is time to revoke that son of a bitch’s tax exempt status. Osteen is a liar and a thief. I loved Osteen’s appearance on Colbert. He looked positively frightened of Stephen, and for good reason, Colbert implying he would ask the questions Osteen doesn’t ever want to be asked…

  2. RE Vanella says:

    And remember these scum are around us. Call them out as you see them so that they may be dealt with…

  3. alby says:

    @REV: The klan has been active in Cecil County since forever. Rising Sun used to be the hot spot for that activity.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    Yes, I am aware. When I was younger it was that Chester guy. Real sweetheart, him

  5. Paul Hayes says:

    Does anyone know what the standard is for passing a bill of impeachment in the US House, and what is the legal standard for conviction?

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Majority to get it out of the House Judiciary Committee.

    Simple House majority sends it to Senate trial.

    Chief Justice Roberts presides in the trial. Two-thirds of the Senate required to convict.

    Doesn’t even get out of committee at this point. Let’s move on.

  7. Paul Hayes says:

    Re: RE Yes, I knew the mechanics too. I was asking a different question. What rises to the level of impeachable behavior? I reseached this question and the consensus seems to be two possibilities: 1. The offenses are whatever the House majority wants the offenses to be, no crime needed. 2. The offense must be a crime of some sort. They accused Clinton of perjury. Lying under oath vis-a-vis how did the dress get soiled? No predicate crime in Clinton’s case. In Andrew Johnson’s case, it was the firing of Stanton, who was protected by a law to keep him from being fired (sound familiar?) It is the members of Congress (the house) who make a determination based upon nothing more than their personal prejudices about POTUS. How this will play out on our stage is anyone’s guess.

  8. RE Vanella says:

    High crimes and misdemeanors are in the eyes of the beholder, I suppose. I don’t see anything happening unless there’s a huge shift in Congress next year.

  9. Brooke says:

    It won’t happen then, either. Every D running wants to run against Trump. They aren’t going to risk their fundraising on getting rid of him.

    It’s exactly the same reason R’s never deliver on their promise to eliminate abortion. There’s no money in success.

  10. mouse says:

    Trump has energized and legitimized the ugly vile ignorant bigot population who feel they have some kind of self righteous moral religious authority. I’m sure they will be out in force in the next election.

  11. RE Vanella says:

    Agreed. I honestly don’t expect it to happen ever as well.

  12. alby says:

    “Every D running wants to run against Trump. They aren’t going to risk their fundraising on getting rid of him.”

    Seriously? The only reason anybody is going to vote for Democrats is so they’ll impeach. If they don’t, they’re not going to get any money from anyone. So, um, I think you’re wrong on this one.