Open Thread For August 23, 2017

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Trump-McConnell Feud Escalates.  McConnell now questions Trump’s competence. The big news?: Trump screamed at McConnell for failing to kill Senate Russian investigations.

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown If Wall Isn’t Approved.  Also predicts that NAFTA negotiations will fail.  He’s singlehandedly facilitating a stock market drop.

Exxon Knew All About Climate Change. Lied About It.  When Exxon dared people to read all of the relevant documents, they must not have thought that someone would do just that.

Russian ‘Bots’ Pushing Right Wing Propaganda. A world with which I am not familiar. Trump’s drool-bib brigade doesn’t know the difference, doesn’t care.

How Taser International Skates On Taser Deaths.  Hint: It’s in the fine print.

Zinke To Sell National Monuments Down The River?  We’ll find out tomorrow. If the answer is yes, litigation will follow.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. mouse says:

    The Amazing thing is that these talk radio republicans can watch this bigot validating carnival barker comedy act and pretend that nothing is wrong

  2. Andy says:

    The Radio Republicans want exactly this
    The Government to fail. They do not care as long as their benefactors win

  3. alby says:

    They don’t want government to fail. They want it to stop helping people while it keeps helping businesses.

  4. mouse says:

    Most of the are primitive uneducated rubes full of bellicose resentment toward their fellow man. Ugly mean people for the most part and self righteous about it.

  5. Paul Hayes says:

    I watched a guy named Tarkanian (son of UNLV coach running for US Senate this election) on MSNBC this morning. He doubled down on tRump’s comments about Nazis, the alt. right, and the KKK, insisting that since the hostess of the program didn’t know all the people at the Charlottesville rally that she could not say they were “all” bad people. Give me a break. And she should be reprimanded for letting her guest “win” on that horrible point. So this guy just got away with repeating tRump’s infamous quote about “good people”. My head is spinning. I saw the marchers at the college in Charlottesville. Some were armed to the teeth, all that I saw participated in the hateful chanting. If some were just “there” to watch and walk, I didn’t see them. And the march through the campus did not comply with the terms of the permit, making the march illegal. Nevada does not need Tarkanian for Senator. To him its just words that you use to “win”, however that is supposed to work. To me, it is evidence of further divisive politics in the US, along the most hateful and inappropriate lines. POTUS has staked his political life on ultra right wing disruptors, now let him live with it.

  6. alby says:

    @Paul: Simple solution. Stop watching that crap.

  7. Paul Hayes says:

    @alby or, you could go fuck yourself.

  8. Paul Hayes says:

    @alby. I don’t give a fig what you think. Especially when your comments are directed to me. SMH

  9. jason330 says:

    These headlines…. OY Vey!

    I feel like putting this open thread in a time capsule marked, “This was the news just before everything went in the shitter.”

  10. RE Vanella says:

    I read a little regarding this rally yesterday. I don’t watch television anymore. (I think Al is correct on this score.)

    A Trump supporter would let the president shit it their mouth as long as a “liberal” had to smell it. I can’t figure how we reason our way out of a situation like this. These people definitely have a point to prove. I just have no idea what it is and they’re too fucking dim to elucidate it. I think Jason’s is correct. We’re swirling around the bowl.

  11. Ben says:

    welcome to the dark side, fellas. Enjoy your friends and family now. This has all been the warm up act.

  12. alby says:

    @paul: Careful, you’re giving snowflakes a bad name.

    The comment to stop watching that crap is good advice for everyone. The sooner you understand that your emotional response is what they were aiming for, the sooner you realize that political media isn’t about educating you, it’s about manipulating and hooking you. And emotions are an easier way to manipulate you than facts.

    Example: Why do you think Sarah Palin got headlines on liberal sites for longer than she did on conservative ones? Because liberals hated her even more than conservatives loved her.

  13. mouse says:

    That’s scary but true

  14. Paul Hayes says:

    “Trump threatens shutdown if wall is not approved.” First the Mexicans were going to pay for it, then we taxpayers, now it turns out that if we taxpayers refuse, we will lose all government services. Whose wall is it?