Open Thread For August 11, 2017

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Trump As Victim.  If you ever want to understand the symbiotic relationship between King Cheeto and his most rabid supporters, you need to understand their shared victimization.  If you’ve read Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance, you’re aware of the self-proclaimed victimization of that  poor white core of his base. While it’s a sympathetic portrayal, Vance’s basic premise is ‘You’ve got to get your shit together. Stop blaming everybody else.’  It is, of course, exactly what Trump does every day.

Trump Thanks Putin For Evicting Diplomats From Russia.  Hey, it’ll save us a few bucks.  He’s not even pretending to have a functioning State Department.

How Chicken Plants Use Undocumented Immigrants, Then Send Them Back If They Get Too ‘Uppity’.  Don’t even THINK of filing a workman’s comp claim.  Here’s the original investigative piece.  What a disgrace.

Behind The Trump-McConnell Feud.  Yes, it started with something Trump saw on TV.

Pro-Israeli Group Wants McMaster Out. Yes, Vegas moneybags Sheldon Adelson is footing the bill.  BTW, by ‘pro-Israeli’, I mean the  ultra right-wing warriors.

Alt-Right Gathers To Protect Statue of Robert E. Lee.  In Charlottesville, Va.  We’ll see if they can draw a crowd this time.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. meatball says:

    Generalize much about chicken farms?

  2. alby says:

    The story is about processing plants, not farms.

  3. meatball says:

    True,I know. I have an intimate who reviewed workers comp claims at chicken plants in Sussex. About 1 out of 7 is legit and there might be 12 claims a year. We are talking video surveillance evidence of fraud on the part of claimants. It is a very difficult industry to hire into.

    I don’t want to humanely kill chickens either, do you?