Open Thread For August 8, 2017

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The Long Transperfect Nightmare Could Be Over. Hey, at least they dropped some nice advertising bucks in Delaware. And likely into Colin Bonini’s campaign coffers.

Climate Change Is Real. Will Trump Dismiss Comprehensive Report?  Fake science? No. Fake president? Yes.

Must-Read: Trump’s Russia Deals, Annotated.  Trump’s out there playing the rubes, but facts are facts.  Everything he has he owes to Russia. ‘Owes’ to be taken literally. The Browder testimony is a legal smoking gun.

How Big Pharma And Insurance Companies Conspire To Require Big Name Drugs Over Generics.  Doesn’t matter what you try to do, they’ll rip you off.

How Rethugs Plan To Cut Dems Out Of Tax Reform Talks.  Fiscal ledger-demain.

RIP Godzilla.  The actor inside the Godzilla costume has died. He also played several other monsters. Japan can rest easy now. BTW, didja know that the original Godzilla costume weighed 220 pounds?

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. Gerry Maynes says:

    Who in the heck is broder?

  2. Browder. You can read the article to find out. That’s why I posted it.

  3. Gerry Maynes says:

    Good Christmas, My eyes are now crossed and fogged over. I saw this guy on Tucker Carlson some time ago. He was trying to get justice for a murdered friend . Be never mentioned Mr Trump at all in that show Perhaps he wasn’t asked. Perhaps I missed it but I didn’t see a smoking gun.Perhaps there is one But untill you do it’s just one more case if he said ,she said and we assume

  4. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your reading comprehension skills–or writing skills.

    Yes, the article is long and there’s some complexity to it. But there’s a slew of independent verification of a lot of the material in there. Whether you choose to see it that way or not, that’s your prerogative.

  5. RIP Barbara Cook. One of the greatest singers of her generation. From Music Man’s Marian the Librarian to this exquisite (and my personal favorite) rendition of one of Stephen Sondheim’s greatest ballads:

  6. Paul Hayes says:

    Tucker Carlson would never ask the questions that would get you the answers to this puzzle. He would never mention tRump’s name because as a tRump mouthpiece, Tucker Carlson would seek to leave you with no more understanding of the situation in the Browder case.

  7. Gerry Maynes says:

    nasty little man aren’t you? My reading skills are just fine Your reasoning skills are as off as when you were ib WDEL a d I would call to correct you. I am pretty sure that as a rule of law ,you needed witnesses to verify, what one witness has said. Do they have one? you also need a paper trail, do they have one? I don’t know and neither do you.

  8. anonymous redux says:

    El Som, thanks for the Barbara Cook post. still have good memories of a performance of her’s at a new york night club in the ’80s.

  9. Gee, I’d forgotten how we needed you to ‘correct’ us on WDEL. OK, genius, when Browder allegedly was talking about seeking justice for a friend on the Tucker Carlson show, his friend was Sergei Magnitzky, who had been murdered by higher-ups in the Russian government.

    Fact: The result of Browder’s seeking justice was the Magnitzky Act.

    Fact: The Magnitzky Act increased sanctions on Russia. That Act is now the law of the land.

    Fact: The Russians hate the Magnitzky Act. One of the results of that Act was that Russians stopped permitting orphans to come to the United States.

    Fact: The Russians contacts with Trump campaign officials had to do with getting those sanctions lifted, which the Trump prevaricators described as ‘discussions about orphans’.

    Fact: Virtually all of Trump’s financial dealings with Russia have been verified, including several lucrative sales to Russian oligarchs.

    Fact: You are at least as clueless as you ever were.

  10. AR: Yes, she was considered perhaps NYC’s finest cabaret performer for the last twenty years of her performing life. She inhabited songs.

  11. Very tough day for musical deaths.

    RIP Glen Campbell:

  12. Some PAC (Insurance? Big Pharma?) is running one of those ‘Call Tom Carper and THANK him for protecting Medicare Part B’ spots on cable. If that’s the best picture of Carper they could find, he’d better stay out of sight for the next year-plus.

  13. chris says:

    Just saw the ad for Carper….not a great ad…..agreed, hes not looking too great in it.
    He’s a very old looking 70 yrs old.

  14. SussexAnon says:

    Anyone else getting Carper bullshit in their news feeds? About how he is all set to work with republicans to fix Obamacare. Isn’t that just awesome? I wonder how he will be able to make a republican idea like Obamacare more republican.

    As always F. U. T. C.

  15. anonymous redux says:

    I’ve been reading about the Democratic Socialists of America. please don’t go there. they’re losers. I want our side to win.

  16. RE Vanella says:

    Could you elaborate? What have you read and how did you arrive at this conclusion?

  17. anonymous redux says:

    two recent articles at Slate by Osita Nwanevu and one by Dan La Botz at New Politics and a few others.

    I was stopped in my tracks by a resolution at its convention to “affirm abolition of all police and prisons.” the group also cited its goal to abolish capitalism and completely eradicate poverty, both unrealistic. it complained that Bernie did not call for a total eradication of poverty, so I guess he’s not far enough left. (I don’t mean all this as a knock on Bernie.) 40 percent voted to abandon the Democratic Party altogether. the group voted to leave Socialist International because its European socialist parties (which I personally think are on the right track) are still too tied to free market capitalism.

    The DSA has only 25,000 members, so it’s not much of a threat unless enough of this stuff makes its way into the Democratic Party to make it look crazy and thereby cause it to lose to republicans. I’m all for checking unbridled capitalism and I think voters would be too. a democrat move somewhat to the left is good politics at this point. but the things coming out of this group will turn off almost every potential voter as either unrealistic or undesirable and probably both.

  18. mouse says:

    I’m trying to understand all this. Does this mean that Delaware could lose it status as home of corporate crooks?

  19. RE Vanella says:

    “I’m all for checking unbridled capitalism and I think voters would be too.”

    Without people like DSA making these argument the checking doesn’t happen.

    Also, some of those proposed resolutions didn’t pass and are not part of the official platform.