Open Thread For August 7, 2017

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Pence Lays Groundwork For 2020 Presidential Bid. Denies It.  Of course he would. Both lay the groundwork and then deny it. Doesn’t want to anger King Cheeto. Blames Fake News.

Jared And Ivanka Advancing Trump’s China Trip. Here’s What Could Go Wrong.  Short answer: Pretty much everything.

RIP Darren Daulton. Undisputed leader of the 1993 NL Champs.

Google Guy: Women Don’t Have the ‘Necessities’ To Rise In Tech World.  An Al Campanis for our time. Google responds strongly, but it remains a male dominated company. A white male dominated company.

While We Weren’t Paying Attention, Someone Bombed A Minneapolis Mosque.  Trump declares his outrage in…oh, never mind.

Another Delaware ‘First’ In Education. Does it mean anything, or is it just a check the box exercise in bureaucracy?

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    I continue to be surprised that in this era of testing public school students that DDOE has not found a way to integrate The ACT’s WorkKeys into the Delaware testing regime. As an opponant of this hyper testing environment we have somehow chosen in this state, I did some homework learning about WorkKeys, and think it might have a place in Delaware that helps us help students. Apparently, employers like WorkKeys because the tests measure skills that are important to employers. The following are offered Keys curriculum: Available Keytrain Curriculum Courses

    Applied Math *
    Graphic Literacy *
    Workplace Documents *
    Applied Technology–Electricity
    Applied Technology–Mechanics
    Applied technology–Thermodynamics
    Applied Technology–Fluids
    Business Writing
    Listening for Understanding
    Workplace Observation
    These all have assessments targeted at measuring aquisition of skills in each area, and benchmarks that show when a student has achieved mastery. When a large percentage of Delaware high school graduates do NOT go on to college, shouldn’t we be doing a better job of preparing them for their first job?

  2. alby says:

    No, police in this country aren’t out of control:

    For the link-impaired, one (1) employee at one (1) NYC Dunkin’ Donuts refused to serve a couple of cops, so the NYPD is boycotting the entire chain.

    This country has dressed up and armed millions of undereducated, resentful assholes who essentially follow no orders but their own. Oh, they’ll “follow” the civilian government’s orders most of the time, but when crunch time comes, they do whatever they think they must to protect themselves.

    And white people refuse to recognize this.

  3. Paul Hayes says:

    Maybe it’s also time to take a look at recruiting MPs from military service to become police officers. Screaming at civilians who comply or get shot is not the standard we want our police to adhere to. Civilians should be treated with civility.

  4. SamB_DE says:

    Thanks to everyone that made it to Laura Sturgeon’s last meet & greet event. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you couldn’t make it the first time, there’s another one happening this Thursday:

    Come meet Laura, learn about getting involved, and give us your input. It’s all really appreciated!


  5. alby says:

    For El Som’s “Cupidity of Carper” files:

    Tom Carper for some time now has used his concern for climate change to shill hard and heavy for the nuclear industry.

    Here’s what his web site touts:

    “In order to achieve energy security and protect public health, I believe this country has to invest in clean energy sources, including nuclear energy. Done responsibly, nuclear power can help curb our reliance on foreign oil and reduce air pollution that damages our environment and causes climate change. Each year, our current nuclear fleet prevents more than 500 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the air compared to if coal plants had been used for power instead.

    “As ranking member of the Senate Subcommittee that oversees nuclear safety, I am responsible for providing oversight of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and our nation’s civilian nuclear operations to ensure they are protecting the public’s health and safety in addition to supplying energy. Over the years, I have worked with the NRC to create a “culture of safety” within the U.S. nuclear energy industry. Despite all the protections in place, the Fukushima crisis in Japan was a clear warning that we must not become complacent when it comes to nuclear safety. I will continue to work with my colleagues on the subcommittee to hold congressional oversight hearings to ensure that we have a strong, robust and safe nuclear industry.”

    Notice the straw man argument about how clean nuclear is — he compares it to coal, as if that’s a valid comparison. Even Fukushima didn’t modify his stance, except to prompt a new paragraph talking tough about safety.

    Maybe this will get his attention: The industry he’s so bullish on just went tits up.,-with-more-bills-due

    Let’s see if that prompts another update to the web site.

  6. Ben says:

    you guys know you have a (probably) russian spammer, right?

  7. RE Vanella says:

    We’re going do what everyone should do. Ignore it.