Open Thread For August 6, 2017

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Dog Bites Man: Biden Wants To Be President.  Or at least wants to be talked about as wanting to be President.  Especially with that lucrative book deal…

Bibi’s Legal Problems Mount As Former Chief Of Staff Flips.  Like Trump, (a) he throws red meat (uh, pork is not a red meat) to his right-wing base in response; and (b) he has at least one son in the mold of Freedon and Eric.

Report: Manafort Asked Russians For Help In Leaking Clinton Info.  Doesn’t get more collusive than that, does it?

Report: Heller Sold Out His Vote For McConnell PAC Money.  He’s toast.  Our best hope is that he makes it through the primary.

‘Enemies List’ At Center Of Bannon-McMaster FeudEnemies List, now where have I heard that term before…?

How Trump’s FCC Helped ‘Fox On Steroids’ To Greatly Expand.  Used loophole dating back to the UHF Era to help Sinclair.

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    Mitch McConnell’s PAC has been in the news frequently lately. I read McConnell used his pack to support the candidate of McConnell’s choice in an Alabama senate race. Now this. The thing that interests me is that this story clearly connects the promise of money with a particular vote on a particular issue. Now, votes are supposed to not be quid pro quo for money. When the tradeoff is as out in the open as this one, I have to wonder when campaign finance laws will ever be enforced on the federal level. Blagojevich was jailed for a similarily blatant horse trading. Why not McConnell?

  2. Trump won’t like this. Deputy AG Rosenstein says that Mueller can investigate any crime uncovered during probe:

    The degree to which administration and congressional figures are openly defying this president is amazing.

  3. chris says:

    Most of the top Obama donors are courting Senator Kamala Harris from CA….Dems looking for a new generation of leaders, not the retreads Hillary, Bernie and Joe. They had their chances and either took it or did not take it. Politics is always about looking forward, not back.