Open Thread For August 4, 2017

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R Senate Ties Trump’s Hands Before Leaving Town.  I found it deliciously ironic that it was Lisa Murkowski who set up the procedural roadblock. Bottom line: No recess appointments.

Michael Lewis: Our Biggest Nuclear Danger Is From Within.  Department of Energy Secretary has no idea what the DOE does or is supposed to do. Be afraid.

Secret Service Exits Trump Tower. Trump Organization wanted them to pay more for the privilege of protecting the President.  Agents now work out of a trailer on the sidewalk. I can’t make this stuff up.

Auditor To Review Wilmington Council Slush Fund. In case you missed it from yesterday.  My prediction? A report that says, ‘Well, gee, here’s how you can make this more transparent.’  Asses covered all around. There will be no fireworks.

Trump vs. Entire FBI?  Looks that way. It’s not just he said/he said any more.

Bibi Under Investigation.  Suspected in several fraud cases. Pleasepleaseplease…

Weakling Trump: “This Deal Will Make Me Look Terrible”.  He never intended to make Mexico pay for the wall.

Charcoal Pit Wins Right To Build That Wall. To keep delivery trucks from accessing Claymont Steak via the Pit’s parking lot.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. fightingbluehen says:

    Happy Barack Obama Day!

  2. chris says:

    Agreed on Hanifa-Theo slush fund “grant .” Auditor Tom Wagner will conclude they need “better policies and procedures.” Textbook auditor’s report. They got nailed, everyone dummied up fast, but no serious consequences or accountability will happen. Everyone just giving shade to Ms. Shabazz. DELAWARE WAY strikes again! The public really knows what happened here.

  3. alby says:

    You only need an auditor if money is missing. The problem here isn’t that they are doing something illegal — it’s that they can do anything they want with the money.

    The problem isn’t transparency, it’s accountability.

  4. True Blue says:

    The slush fund is bad government. No transparency, no real rules, no accountability. I wouldn’t count on Wagner doing anything meaningful either. With the budget problems Wilmington has they shouldn’t be allocating that much money to any kind of discretionary fund. We also need someone who is qualified to take on Wagner too. I keep hearing that former Lt Governor candidate Kathy McGuiness has already started running for Auditor, with the backing of Schwartzkopf. I don’t think she has any financial experience though. I don’t think transparency will be her strong point either since she is currently running for re-election as a Rehoboth Beach Commissioner – the election is next Saturday. I wonder if she is planning on giving a combined victory speech and announcement that she is running for something else.