Open Thread For August 2, 2017

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Trump ‘Justice’ Department To Push Affirmative Action For White People. Typical Rethuggery. Dubya did it. To be run out of Justice’s political shop, not the career employees.  Betch’a Sen. Flake approves.

Judges To Rethugs: Redraw North Carolina Districts Now!  What’s at stake? Rethug veto-proof majorities.

Tillerson Turns Down $80 Mill To Counter ISIS and Russian Propaganda.  These are already-appropriated funds. Why doesn’t Tillerson want to use the money?:

One Tillerson aide, R.C. Hammond, suggested the money is unwelcome because any extra funding for programs to counter Russian media influence would anger Moscow, according to a former senior State Department official.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Senate Rubber-Stamps Wray For FBI. Only 5 D no votes, neither of whom were Carper or Coons. Guess that creative billing arrangement with Chris Christie concerned virtually nobody. I think it speaks to this guy’s lack of integrity. I think we’ll regret approving this guy.

Hanifa Shabazz Keeps Digging. Part of her defense for throwing money at Theo Gregory turns out to be that she didn’t know that Gregory had a staff position and was pocketing taxpayer money.  I’m trying to remain calm here, so all I can ask is, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T KNOW? ISN’T THAT YOUR BLEEPING JOB???!!!  There, I feel much better now. Thank you. BTW, the crickets from most Council members tells me that they’re all involved in throwing around this slush money.  I think this is a huge scandal. I just hope our ‘paper of record’ lets Christina Jedra keep digging as Hanifa Shabazz digs her own political grave. This is what happens when people run for office for reasons other than a desire to serve the public. They end up serving themselves.

DEA Director Doesn’t Think That Trump’s Remarks Were ‘Just A Joke’. Strongly cautions agents against rough treatment of suspects.

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  1. Arthur says:

    I keep wondering; how much money from this ‘give away to friends and family’ fund has made its way into the Potter family pockets?

  2. One point that Cassandra made was that this practice apparently started when Ted Blunt was Council President. That’s Ted, the father of Lisa Blunt Rochester. Another family’s business?

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Christina Jedra may single-handedly and finally do what we’ve been unable to do for decades. Root out this bullshit.

    Money quote for me was this gem…

    “Gregory rejected the idea that Shabazz gave him special treatment, noting that they are not family members. ‘She is my colleague,’ he said on Friday.”

    Yeah, I mean this bullshit is usually done by backroom nepotism, so in this case it can’t be shady. These people are clowns and an embarrassment to the city.

  4. In recent years, a few very good investigative reporters did great work–Chad Livengood and Ginger Gibson among them. Livengood in particular was all over legislative corruption.

    However, they were just passing through. The years of having excellent investigative reporters like Cris Barrish work here for their entire careers are long gone.

    BTW, I checked. She’s a 2015 graduate of Emerson College in Boston. She’s very good. Let’s just be thankful for her work while she’s still here.

  5. mouse says:

    It’s bonfire night in Dewey Beach, a way of life!

  6. mouse says:

    Poor low class whites can’t get a break