How old was Trump’s father when diagnosed with dementia?

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Fred Trump developed Alzheimer’s disease in his late 80s. He may have had the disease for years prior to an official diagnosis.

In the early stage of Alzheimer’s, a person may function independently. He or she may still drive, work and be part of social activities. Despite this, the person may feel as if he or she is having memory lapses, such as forgetting familiar words or the location of everyday objects.

Friends, family or others close to the individual begin to notice difficulties. During a detailed medical interview, doctors may be able to detect problems in memory or concentration. Common difficulties include:

Problems coming up with the right word or name
Trouble remembering names when introduced to new people
Challenges performing tasks in social or work settings.
Forgetting material that one has just read
Losing or misplacing a valuable object
Increasing trouble with planning or organizing


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  1. bamboozer says:

    I know far too much about the disease. My mom is in the final stages at age 86, I lost two aunts and a grandfather to it, my wife has it and it started when she was 56. There is no test for the disease other than asking 9 simple questions like what day of the week is it, what city is this, what state is this etc.. After age 65 the disease is no longer considered early onset, at age 70 it would not be surprising for Trump. In general I don’t see it, but he has displayed several cognitive issues lately and seemed confused. If he’s in the early stage all there is the suspicion that somethings up and there’s a problem, short of an autopsy there is no test and certainly no proof.