Open Thread For July 17, 2017

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Trump Acted On Fake News To Sanction Qatar. Turns out the United Arab Emirates were behind the fake news. Does Trump have any golf courses there?

McCain Could Be Absent From Senate For Awhile Longer.  Seems like a more serious surgery than claimed.  Lindsay Graham will have the cameras all to himself.  I can’t stand McCain or Graham b/c they rush to the cameras to tut-tut something that Trump is doing, but they always cave. Always. Media-whore phonies, both of them.

Trump’s Personal Lawyer Claims That Secret Service Vetted Freedon Meeting. He claimed that the meeting must have been OK since SS vetted it.  Just one problem–the Secret Service didn’t vet the meeting. Lie after lie after lie.

Reasons Why You Should Hate Chris Christie That You Didn’t Already Know.  Among others, he has placed the Northeast Rail Corridor in jeopardy. Not to mention that ‘Xanadu’ Mall that was never built. BTW, a lot of sleazy politicos from both parties were part of that mall project, which was to be built on public land.

‘Blackwater 2.0’ Coming To Afghanistan?  Being floated, of course, by Trump supporter (and Blackwater founder) Erik Prince.

RIP Martin Landau.

RIP George Romero.

What do you want to talk about?




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  1. meatball says:

    McCain likely had a subdural hematoma, not usually life threatening unless massive. Now that the hematoma (a collection of blood) has been removed he shouldn’t have any further difficulties. Now if he were a construction worker or mechanic he should not return to work for a couple of weeks or more. However as a US senator, a no vote on healthcare should not cause a re-occurrence.

  2. mouse says:

    Can we discuss why DelDOT is is too incompetent and apathetic to synchronize the traffic lights and come up with a non chaos method of pedestrian crossing from Rehoboth Avenue to the outlets ? Every day I sit in this and it’s not traffic volume, the traffic lights causing endless backups

  3. SussexAnon says:

    …..or we could build a barrier to prevent people from crossing rte 1. Nah, lets put a whackey crosswalk with a light set up that no one has ever seen before. That should work. Good plan.

    Because walking your ass up to a corner is just too far to go for unbeatable savings on cheap shit made in China with slave labor.

  4. mouse says:

    Lol, exactly. Even a traditional cross walk at the light would work. Or how about telling these corporate parasites who do nothing but mine wealth that they have to build a pedestrian cross walk over rt 1..

  5. Paul Hayes says:

    Check out the Mexico city prototype monorail. From the bandstand to the park and ride with a stop at the outlets? It would be a work of beauty. Cost to Mexico City? About 3.5 million. Chump change to the RBCC.

  6. mouse says:

    That’s the going price for a ocean front home these days

  7. SussexAnon says:

    Fun fact: Hotel Rentals are down in Dewey and Rehoboth 16% from last year and in town has been pretty empty during the day on weekdays. Plenty of metered parking.

    People are going to the parks more because (surprise!) it’s cheaper and you have more freedom to do things like put up a canopy, drink beer, or throw a frisbee, all for $8 ($10 out of state) a day. And you can get into any park for that $8.
    Rehoboth meters are $2 an hour now and they announced in the Cape Gazette that they will be enforcing the 30 minute spaces. Meaning you can’t keep feeding a 30 minute meter for more than 30 minutes. 30 minute spaces are granted to any business owner that requests them. So you can imagine how pleased people are to see them sprinkled all over Rehoboth Ave.
    There are alot of ways to describe Rehoboth, but tourist friendly or cheap aren’t on the list.

  8. bamboozer says:

    I only go to Rehoboth to work a gig, it is the ne plus ultra of commercialized and expensive. As noted go to the park and relax and let the suckers from out of state suck up all that pricey goodness.

  9. puck says:

    “you have more freedom to do things like put up a canopy, drink beer, or throw a frisbee, all for $8 ($10 out of state) a day. And you can get into any park for that $8.”

    You don’t even have to be in Sussex County for that.

  10. alby says:

    @Paul Hayes: Now figure out the cost at American pay rates.

  11. meatball says:

    I really don’t understand why Rehoboth hasn’t built a parking garage or two.

  12. Jason330 says:

    “I really don’t understand why Rehoboth hasn’t built a parking garage or two.”

    Indeed. It is absurd.