Open Thread For July 14, 2017

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Who Was the 5th Guy At That Meeting?  Yes, there was one. A counter-intelligence Russian guy. Fredon neglected to mention it. Oops he did it again. What’s that? Now it looks like there might have been six people in the meeting…

Judge Rules Grandparents Not Barred Under Travel Ban.  Of course, it’s only temporary, but some good news nonetheless.

How Trump Has Laundered Russian Dirty Money For Decades.  An absolute must-read from, of all places, the New Republic.

Senator Pettyjohn Faces August 28 Trial. It’s a felony charge, so there could be a vacancy in the Senate.  Betcha he skates with a slap on the wrist, though…

Trump Deplorables Headed To Upstate NY Muslim Community.  Gotta admit–this worries me.

DeVos’ DOE: Campus Rape Is the Victims’ Fault.  I cannot make this stuff up.

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. alby says:

    Re: Pettyjohn. Kind of a black eye, isn’t it, for a party that constantly drones on about enforcing gun laws to have a member who’s going to skate on a gun charge? Put this one in the “STFU GOP” file.

    He “inadvertently” left his gun in a carry-on bag, but didn’t notice how much the bag weighed? Either he’s dumb or he thinks we are.

  2. Jason330 says:

    Finally someone is giving the Campus Rapist a fair shake. These rape victims have no idea how they are ruining the lives of these poor misunderstood campus rapists.