Coons gets FBI Wray on the Record – Investigation Not a Witch Hunt

Filed in National by on July 13, 2017

WDEL’s Amy Cherry covered Coons questioning of FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray.

Coons, opened by stressing the unique circumstances of the appointment:

“Let us not forget why we’re having this hearing–your predecessor James Comey was not even at the half-way point of his 10-year term as FBI director when President Trump abruptly fired him without cause and without warning…so now more than ever, I believe it to be crucial that our next FBI director be prepared to be steadfastly independent,” said Coons.

It sounds like Coons did a fair job. He got Wray on record stating that the investigations into Russian interference in the election is not a “witch hunt” contrary to the views of President Dumbfuck. Read more at WDEL.

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  1. Rusty Dils says:

    Corey’s firing. During the election last year, what part of “drain the swamp”, did liberals not understand? If your not competent, and you work for the federal government, your job is in jeapordy.

  2. Rusty Dils says:

    And, still looking for the one person in the U.S. to step forward who claims Russia made them vote for trump.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Dils, do you think it is good that there is a law against campaigns accepting money and/value from foreign governments? I mean does it make sense that Iran shouldn’t be giving money and help to a campaign?

  4. alby says:

    @Rusty: Keep looking. Look harder. Don’t get back to us until you find one.

    See if you can follow the through-line on this.

    Trump: “I love the poorly educated.”
    Dils: “I love Trump.”

  5. RE Vanella says:

    Yeah, I mean Mnuchin (Goldman) and Tillerson (ExxonMobil) and Sessions (two decades in the Senate) in the cabinet. Ex-RNC national chair as CoS. Yeah, I think that drain the swamp argument is a very good one. Except the drain appears to be clogged with scum I guess. Nasty back-up it seems, huh?

    Also, no one ever said that the Russians persuaded people individually, but it’s a great argument against a case nobody’s making. Way to go!

    You’re consistently an embarrassment to your entire family.