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The Incumbent: Gerald Brady.

District Registration: 9024 D; 4548 R; 4347 I.

The District:  RD 4 runs from western Wilmington, including Trolley Square and the Flats west through Westover Hills, out past Chestnut Run and almost to Hockessin, with Barley Mill Road and Lancaster Pike as the northernmost boundaries and Faulkland Road as the southernmost boundary.  The bulk of the district’s population and registration, however, remains within the City of Wilmington limits. The District also includes Alapocas.

Why it’s time for a change: While he’s never been particularly progressive, Brady has gone off the tracks even more this year.  He voted against ensuring Roe v Wade protections in Delaware and voted for the end of the Estate Tax.  Brady’s one obsession during his time in Dover has been to install red light cameras virtually everywhere. Including, I might add, the cameras that led to the City of Wilmington having to refund fines derived from its most rip-off locations. His dad was a well-known and beloved Wilmington pol, and Gerald parlayed that into getting elected to Wilmington City Council. His family ties, his photographic memory when it comes to constituents, and his likeability have served him well in his career. In fact, it’s all this long-time back-bencher has going for him.  However, his behavior has become more erratic over the years, visible to legislators and constituents alike.  If, indeed, the current word circulating around Legislative Hall is true, then his trademark ‘likeability’ is in serious jeopardy in his district.  More specifically, on his home turf. Even his union ties have become frayed. He’s Executive Director of the State AFL-CIO, but even they have not been happy with recent votes on his part.

He’s a back-bencher and a Schwartzkopf enabler. He is also likely more vulnerable to an R challenger like James Spadola than someone more in touch with reality and more conversant with the issues.  In other words, this is an excellent opportunity for a progressive challenger.  I would hope that Network Delaware and Delaware United have this race on their radar. I certainly do.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Network Delaware and Delaware United have been doing great work. I’m hopeful.

  2. RD4 Jim says:

    Brady is a liar and a fraud. Keep in mind, Brady is a Democratic State Rep and Executive Director of the AFL/CIO and he endorsed a Republican candidate. Brady’s scared of a Republican challenger, so he endorsed Republican candidate, Robert Keesler for City Council. He hoped Keesler would win, and keep Keesler from running for the RD4 seat again. Brady has no loyalty; he threw his old friend Kevin Kelley under the bus during his run for mayor. The Catholic State Rep just left his wife. Word is he’s not living in RD 4 anymore. We’re sick of him in the 40 Acres.

  3. Harsh words, Jim. But I know from personal experience that he throws people under the bus. His hail-fellow-well-met act is just that, an act.

    Any D’s looking at the race?

  4. RD4 Jim says:

    El Som, I don’t mean to be harsh. I don’t want to sugar coat Brady’s bad (professional) behavior. I’ve heard there are a few D’s that might want to primary Brady. Word is Tracy Schofield is doing underground fundraising and a poll for the RD seat.
    In order to remove Schwartzkopf’s grip on the D’s in the House his minions must be unseated. Brady’s got to go.

  5. RE Vanella says:

    Forty Acres pride.

  6. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    Well, “underground” fundraising no longer, huh? No tactics or strategy among this set. Maybe Sean Barney should run. He lives in the district, and he and his wife are making inroads into the Democratic Committees there.