Open Thread for July 9th – Fox and Friends

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Has anybody else watched Fox and Friends, the AM “news” show on the Fox News Channel? I just watched that idiocy for about two minutes, and a painful two minutes it was.

The doltish hosts are very aware that they are talking to the Republican President who is almost surly watching. Moreover, they are very aware that they need to flatter their doltish baby-man viewer on topics such as:

  • How great the President is.
  • How smart the President is to conclude a cyber-security agreement with Putin
  • How great the cyber-security agreement is.
  • How angry Democrats will be at being bested by the genius President, yet again.
  • How great America is thanks to the greatness of the great Republican President.
  • I’m not exaggerating. That all happened in the two minutes I had it on. North Korean state media has nothing on Fox News.

    In totally not surprising news, The Republican President doesn’t know the difference between China and Taiwan.


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    1. Paul Hayes says:

      Richard Engal’s report on Friday: Putin is truly a bad man. American right-wing Christians love Putin. No shit!

    2. It all happens to be true. Not to mention that this was the best G20 for America since GWB post 9/11. The speech in Poland was amazing. Jobs are up, confidence is up. Regulations are down. America is up.

    3. Christians love Putin? There are worse leaders, there are better leaders, but he is a competitor of America so that is irrelevant. He turned Russian Democracy into an authoritarian Democracy with a crony state. I have never seen some “love” for Putin. Looks like more fake news.

    4. alby says:

      In what way was this a “great G20” for America? We have given up leadership of the “free world” without shedding any of the cost of that position. Yeah, he’s a great negotiator all right.

      About 80% of evangelical Christians voted for Trump, and the vast majority still support him. Most evangelical Christians are even dumber and more deluded than you, David, though I don’t have any “antidotes” to illustrate it better than you provide yourself.

    5. mouse says:

      It’s a great window into the childish minds of the network’s listeners

    6. mouse says:

      OMG, you people used the Russian boogie man to manipulate fear into the American psyche for my entire life and now you people act like that never happened and the ole commie murderous dictator is AOK with you folk. You people stand for nothing but your primitive egos and your tribal bigotry. How sad for our nation

    7. alby says:

      @mouse: Turns out the only part of the USSR the GOP hated was the “socialist” part. Now that it’s a kleptocracy, it’s a business opportunity. And the GOP isn’t alone. Isn’t the black-sheep Biden boy involved in the Ukraine?

    8. Socialism is worth despising. It created ruin, poverty, and death around the world.

    9. alby says:

      So did capitalism. What’s your point? There’s nothing so tiresome as stupid people who don’t realize how stupid they are.

    10. I know why you all despise Trump. He is doing a great job advancing American interests, not globalism and liberty or the regulatory state. There are several things that you would be praising if it were done by someone else. It is Nixonian. They hated him for nothing. I just hope the WH doesn’t respond like Nixon did. You can’t get fixated on your foes.

    11. alby says:

      Please elucidate your claims. Show what American interests he has furthered.

      We despise Trump because he is a despicable human being. Some Christian you turned out to be. You don’t even recognize the devil while he’s sucking your dick.