Racist, Sexist Idiot is an Idiot

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Dewey Beach Police and employees of the Town of Dewey Beach, in the form of a letter signed by multiple police officers, have accused Town Manager Marc Applebaum of sexual harassment towards female employees, abusive conduct towards all employees, suggestive drug use, racial discrimination, interfering with law enforcement, jeopardizing public safety, interfering with the office of building inspection, and dishonest dealings.

The letter, attached below, alleges Applebaum would frequently wear pajama bottoms into the office without underwear underneath to show off his erect penis to female employees, and on one occasion was caught doing so by a male employee where he shouted “get out, shut the door.”


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  1. P Armstrong says:

    This story should not be assumed to be true. In fact, it is not. Just wait until the truth comes out.

  2. Alex Winter says:

    These complaints were issued in the past but not acted on. Council knew about Appelbum’s conduct prior to be hired. This has been building for years. If I were the council and members of the town, I would get the guy out ASAP before the full story comes to light and the proof is presented. And there is cards people are holding back.